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Saturday, 18 May 2019

He's Crazy!

Today, we introduced Rhys to Star Wars Skirmishing.

I kept the scenario simple: We would run a Jedi led strike force to rescue an ambassador captured by the Separatist alliance.

Phil chose a character, to my mind, completely in tune with him--Quinlan Vos!
 Rhys chose Plo Koon, Lawrence took Commander Cody with some Clones, and I had Gregor, a Clone Commando.
 We assumed Gregor had reconnoitered the town and determined the prisoner(s) were in the tower at the far end.  
We started in cover, I, with Gregor, was to go with Vos, down a flank, Plo and Cody would go down the centre. 
 Vos was soon out in front, I was having trouble keeping up!
The Clones, and Master Plo were cautiously approaching the town. 
The Clones saw movement, and opened fire... 
A small group of Battle Droids began firing back! 
 Meanwhile, I had caught up with Vos. 
 We drove the Portal (these determine how many and what opposition arrives) off the hill, and into some cargo crates. 
The Clones, meantime, were suffering in the open, several being pinned by the Droids' fire.
The Clones, though, managed to drop another Battle Droid. 
'Hey, did you call for help?' 
Yes!...shoot at those Republic dogs! 
The Clones still had no injuries, but half of them were pinned! 
Vos and I attacked the crates... 
...driving the Portal marker back into a building. 
Still able to see us, it contributed to the appearance of some Super Battle Droids, fortunately, quite far back. 
The Clones, afraid of getting caught in a crossfire, assaulted the Battle Droids position. 
The last one retreated to a safer position! 
 Under fire from the Super Battle Droids, Master Plo ordered the clones into cover behind a building, Commander Cody had fallen behind, trying to cover a pinned trooper.
 Unfortunately, this led to him being pinned! Master Plo...
...force lifted Cody to safety!
Cody: 'You should have left me Master Plo, we are only expendable clones!' 
Plo Coon: 'Not to me!'
3 more Battle Droids had appeared, close to the Clone's position.
The Super Battle Droids advanced to support them. 
'Advance and destroy those Clones!'
'Roger, Roger!'
 Master Plo, however, Force Jumped into them! 
TD342: 'Come on, there are 3 of us and only one of him!'
TD421: ....'It won't matter!' ....
My Commando rushed towards the tower, and the prisoners...he noticed the doors were ray shielded.
 Vos had chased the portal marker, and several others, behind the tower.
Gregor threw a mine to overload the shield. 
Vos and Gregor gave the Portals nowhere to go, so they were removed! 
Vos released the prisoners, several Gungans and Padme Amidala!
Together with Gregor, the prisoners were shepherded to safety.

Jar Jar Binks: 'We is a FREEEE!' 
Quinlan Vos: .....'Whatever!'....
Seeing the prisoners had been freed, Master Plo covered the retreat of the Clones. 
Pushing the Super Battle Droids over with a swipe!

As planned, the low number of Portal Markers and the quality of the strike force, made this an easy game. I think we all enjoyed it though!

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