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Saturday, 25 May 2019

Fantasy Dark ages

Today, we introduced Rhys to my Medieval skirmish rules (Sword and Dagger)
He wanted to use his Rohirrim (LOTR) figures, so we added them into my Saxon army, to face Lawrence's Vikings.

The village with Lord Faramir organising the Rohirrim and Anglo-Saxon defenders.
 Old Ned was still grazing his sheep, unperturbed!
Where would the Vikings arrive? 
 Ned moved his flock as the evil horde advanced onto the village common!
 Lawrence sent some archers and slingers round the right of the village.
His Lord and bodyguard advanced behind his Shield-wall. 
His left was protected by a Berserk! 
The Rohan archers and some light swordsmen moved to counter the enemy archers, 
They began nocking their bows 
The Viking spearmen moved into the village. 
 The viking light troops took cover in a wood.
 The Rohirrim centre was supported by my Fyrd.
A large rock made a small gap for my large spear unit to fight through. 
The archers of Rohan were now trading arrows with... 
...the Northmen. 
 The Vikings drew first blood, lightly wounding an archer.
 The light swordsmen moved round the flank of the archers.
They advanced resolutely on the Viking bowmen, shields raised against their shooting. 
Faramir placed his men on the road. 
 My large Fyrd unit charged a Viking band.
Initially, things went well for the Fyrdsmen, who forced the Vikings back. 
 A Rohan archer light-wounded a Viking slinger...
 ...then wounded a bowman, though a Viking arrow scratched a Rohan swordsman in return.
 The brave Rohirrim charged the Viking bowmen...
...swiftly putting them to flight! 
 The Vikings my Fyrd were engaged with counter attacked, breaking up my formation and wounding several Fyrdir.
I pushed back, using my numbers to expand against the Berserk - who promptly wounded one of the Fyrd. 
In the centre, Faramir was content to shoot arrows at the stationary Vikings opposite. 
 The Rohan archers now tried to envelop the Viking flank.
Lawrence's Hearth troops moved to counter them. 
 My Fyrdir, exhausted by the melee, reformed. The Berserk killed one of my men, and I had to detach more to keep him occupied!
Faramir managed to wound a mailed Viking. 
The Rohan bowmen lightly wounded a Huscarl. 
Faramir got another! 
 Back on my side, the Berserk had dispatched another Fyrdsman.
Lawrence's Lord chased off the Rohan archers, who evaded. 
In the centre, the main battle lines clashed at last, my elite Fyrdsmen killing one of the Vikings in the first charge.
 The battle was fierce, neither side giving way, though the Vikings were losing men at a faster rate.
The Viking Lord now, ignoring the insignificant archery directed against him, moved to attack the rear of the Rohirrim spearmen. 
Finally, my Fyrd were victorious, and the Viking left wing collapsed! 
The battle, though, was very much still in the balance, as the Viking Huscarls attacked Faramir's men from behind. 
As a decision was still far from certain, Faramir challenged the Viking Jarl to single combat. Both combatants fought hard... 
...but Faramir finally prevailed! 
The Vikings retreated. A hard won victory if ever there was one!


  1. Nicely done and fair play to Ned!

    1. Cheers for that, at least old Ned has a bed to go to tonight!!!

  2. Thank you for letting me use my figures Richard