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Saturday, 19 January 2019

Another playtest of the New Rules!

Today, with Phil otherwise engaged, it was left to Lawrence and myself to keep ourselves amused, so I got my Russians out to fight Lawrence's Austrians.

Lawrence won the initiative by some margin, so got to deploy in both flank sectors of the table.

I set my Russians on the side of the table I wished...

On my right I deployed a cavalry brigade.
 My centre was 2 lines of infantry, with Grenadiers in my front rank on the left hand brigade. Unfortunately, the other two brigades had incompetent brigadiers!
My left was another cavalry brigade, but the cuirassiers and dragoons were supported here by some fierce Kalmyk horse archers.
Opposite them was a powerful Austrian cavalry brigade, fronted by their vaunted hussars.  
 The Austrian centre, slightly weaker than the Russian infantry facing them.
 Their left was Reichsarmee horse, the equal of the poor Russian cavalry facing them, but more numerous.
 A bird's eye view!
The battle began with the Reichs cavalry advancing on my right wing horse
The dragoons behind them remained in position, only deigning to step forward a few paces!
 The Austrian infantry also advanced.
The Austrian cavalry on their right-handicapped by an incompetent and cautious commander--remained impassive observers... 
...while the Széchenyi Hussars raced over the steep hill to their front.
They were met by the Kalmyks!
 My Russian cuirasiers deployed under the cover of their attack.
 On my right, my cavalry brigade there deployed to face the advancing Reichs cavalry.
Go on, my boys! 
On the other wing, the Széchenyi Hussars had chased my Kalmyks off table, and converted their pursuit into a charge on one of my gun batteries! They lost a squadron to short range canister but overran the gun, killing the crew.
One of my right wing cuirassier regiments, the Prince Federovich Cuirassiers, was destroyed by a regiment of Reichs Kuirassiers, disordering my reserve dragoons, who nonetheless stood to receive the pursuing Germans. 
Amazingly, my Dragoons won, driving the enemy down the hill! 
My dragoons and the Novotroitskiy Cuirassiers charged the second Reichs Kuirassier regiment, their numbers alone forced the German horse back. 
Both Reichs Kuirassier regiments were spent, and rallied to the rear...as did my almost intact Cuirassier regiment! 
My left wing cavalry was still trying to deploy, covered by the Third Cuirassiers, who refused to charge the vulnerable Hungarians!
 My centre stood to face the advancing Austrian infantry, but my artillery was singly ineffective... 
 ...consistently missing the massed Austrian infantry!
 Lawrence now moved his massed left wing dragoons to sweep away my weakened horse. 
 My brigadier, nonetheless, bravely advanced his disordered regiments to face this new threat.
 The centre was almost at musket range.
Finally, on my left, the Third Cuirassiers charged the Hungarian hussars... 
...while the returned Kalmyks and my other cuirassiers moved to face the Austrian horse over the hill. 
The Széchenyi Hussars were beaten, but not broken, falling back in front of their Kiurassiers.
On the other wing, the Reichs dragoons failed to charge my disorganised troops!
In the centre, the Austrians were engaging my infantry... 
...and rapidly gained the ascendancy. 
 My artillery actually killed some Austrians!
My grenadiers seemed to be finally winning against the small Austrian brigade opposite them... 
...in fact the situation looked favourable for the Russians! 
My right wing horse now refused to charge the enemy dragoons in turn! 
Suddenly the battle was decided by a brilliant Austrian volley! 
My right wing infantry front rank regiment retreated... 
 ...as, amazingly, did the Grenadiers, disrupting the units behind them!
With mostly incompetent brigadiers, my infantry would not be able to regain a coherent line to face the victorious Austrian infantry, so my commander was forced to signal a general retreat, covered by my cavalry.

It was a well deserved victory for the Austrians! - for the Russians, not a catastrophe, just an excuse for a round of Vodka!!!!

Another fun game! 


  1. Good looking game!
    Do you think these revised rules would suit smaller AWI battles?

    1. Hi Cap'n! I wrote these rules with the intention of them being suitable for fighting AWI battles.I think they may work for small actions involving several brigades, Cowpens as en example comes to mind?

  2. how do you make it? this looks a game like often i play