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Saturday, 6 October 2018

Mating season for Se5's ?

Today, we had a long overdue return to Wings of Glory WW1!

As Phil's entire air fleet consists of one SE5a, that is what we used. Randomly we diced a fearsome opponent, Fokker DVIIs! These would be run by my solo rules, of course.

I started on our left, Lawrence in the centre and Phil on the right.
The 3 Fokkers started opposite us. 
 I sideslipped left, Lawrence and Phil right.
 The Fokkers kept on a straight course.
I started to bank left, Lawrence began a right bank...into Phil's SE- They looked like 2 mating dragonflies! 
The Germans maintained their stately, ordered approach! 
As the sides closed, the Germans broke formation to engage us. 
 I came close to the Red DVII, the German got the best of the first exchange.
 I then Immelmanned, trying to get on his tail, but only succeeded in coming alongside him! 
Phil and Lawrence were weaving with the other 2 DVII's
 Lawrence and Phil managed to separate the Blue DVII and tried to focus on it.
 I was still going alongside the Red DVII, I was in a dangerous position, as it would be able to turn inside my SE.
 I banked over him, which seemed to surprise the German pilot!
The Pink DVII was a bit out of position. 
 The Blue one was managing to avoid all my comrade's attacks.
In fact, Blue was using his better maneuverability to threaten Lawrence.  
 I had escaped Red.
Red was left far from the action. 
I used my SE's great speed to rejoin the main melee and give us a local advantage in numbers. 
Phil detached himself to engage Pink. 
 Red was turning to re-engage. 
Lawrence and I began to focus on the elusive Blue again. 
 Lawrence got a good shot but missed. 
Phil was still looking for a good shooting solution on Pink. 
 Lawrence managed to stay on Blue's tail and got a good shot in at short range.
 Red was getting close to the main action, which had been drifting away from him.
 I now got snarled up with Phil! we were obviously too busy avoiding each other to fight the Huns!
Blue manged to turn and escape the tailing SE. 
Phil and I were still in our 'mating dance!' 
 Lawrence was able to follow Blue, but Red was in position to protect his tail.
The Germans were amused to see the tangled SE's. 
Lawrence was still chasing Blue. 
I finally got unentangled! 
...or had I! All three of us avoiding each other in a stack! 
The Germans were circling like Indians round a wagon train! 
Phil and I managed to catch the DVII's.
 Lawrence had gone after Red.
I managed to chase Blue and caused more heavy damage on him. 
 Lawrence tried to get a bead on Red.
 I was still hammering at the hapless Blue DVII.
 Phil was fencing with Pink.
Phil now found Pink. 
 The Blue Fokker turned on me, and I missed with my shot as he flashed by!
 Lawrence was still keeping Red busy.
Pink was turning inside Phil's turning circle. 
 Red joined Blue, and i joined Lawrence!
 Lawrence got a massive hit on Blue, I turned with Red.
 Phil moved to leave Pink and join in hounding Blue.
Pink was soon following him! 
Phil just missed getting a shot on Blue! 
The rest of us were circling back towards the main action. 
 Pink came to cover the damaged Blue, but failed to damage Phil's SE.
Red was turning to get on my tail. 
 I managed to evade him by turning towards Pink, which was still covering Blue.
 Red was left away from the action, looking for a way back in.
 Lawrence got a fleeting shot at Blue, but missed again.
 Phil tried to engage the circling Red. 
 ...he got a small hit on Red.
I was in position again to focus on Blue. 
I got a good hit on him... 
 We totaled up Blue's damage...
I had the first kill of the day!
Phil was still trying to harass Red. 
...and managed to get a little long ranged damage. 
Lawrence and I moved to help. 
Despite Pink's attention, Phil managed to stay shooting at Red. 
Red just couldn't seem to shake him! 
 Pink was trying to avoid Lawrence and me!
 Phil got a good hit again on Red as he turned sharply to the left...
 Red exploded and fell to the earth in flames.
 Pink was in position, and wisely broke off the action before the victorious British could engage him. 
We did another game after this, where our SE's were soundly trounced by a Halberstadt CII and a pair of Hannover CLIIIs!, so honours were shared!


  1. Nice report, interesting how the AI seems to get a plane out of the action but always get's it back, and all the tangled planes were human driven this time.

    1. Yes, the AI has to work on the situation at the time of setting orders, so can misjudge a complex situation. It has become something of a joke that Phil always seems to end up on his allies bases!

  2. Thanks for the AAR I must try your solo WoW Rules they always look to work well!

    1. I hope the rules give you a good game! They could never play as intuitively as a real player, but if you use a worse plane or are outnumbered, it can be quite challenging!