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Saturday 13 October 2018

Chain of Command try out

Today, Lawrence hosted a game of the Too Fat Lardies Chain of Command rules for Phil and me.

I have done some pics from the game, and will try to give a summation of it.

The scenario was a German platoon attacking a hastily prepared defensive position held by a platoon of French.
 As usual, Lawrence had a lovely terrain set up!
 As attacker, I placed my patrol markers first
The French (Yes, those are British counters!) deployed further in on the village outskirts. 
 I moved my patrol markers as fast as possible to gain as much deployment area as possible.
We finally 'Locked' all our markers, and replaced them with deployment markers. 
 The French held the road and some houses, a strong position.
They had a machine gun....  
and a sniper covering the flank of my proposed line of advance.
I managed to get 2 sections on table.
 ...as did the French! 
They also had a 75mm field gun! 
 I got my other 2 sections on table, together with a junior and a senior officer.
Unfortunately, my men started to come under heavy french fire... 
 ...not least from the Machine gun and the 75.
 I did get some fire back, but my right wing sections failed to make much headway.
Phil threw a double 6, and got to go immediately after his previous turn. 
 My shredded line began to fail, my LMG team broke and ran.
My 2 left hand sections were pinned - and were taking casualties.
I therefore had no option but to order a retreat.

I personally found the game to have some interesting concepts, but it seemed overly complex to me. I think I will stick to 'What a Tanker' - a much simpler and fun Lardies game! 

I know a lot of people like this game, and hope they continue to enjoy it, I just didn't find it 'My cup of Tea'!


  1. Thanks Richard!
    It’s good to get up front feedback on rules.
    I also like seeing 1940s French on the tabletop!
    I want to try CoC as have played (and like) its predecessor, TW&T and I have been told CoC plays better as its dice driven rather than using cards

    1. Thanks Cap'n, I really do hope you enjoy playing CoC!
      I know its not my cup of tea, but loads of people do love them!