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Saturday 24 March 2018

The French strike back!

Today, we had our last game before the Easter break, and Lawrence was determined to better his armies previous performances - so it was 7 Years war again!

As usual, we used my own set of rules (Link)

--I had a slightly different composition Russian army against Lawrence's Franco-Reichsarmee one.

We, as usual, drew 3 quality chits for our C-In C's - Phil, on my side, drew 3 identical Average chits, so no choice there!
 Our opponent managed the same trick!
After allocating other counters for our brigadiers, I declared some troops I had hidden behind a hill in my deployment area! 
I had given the Russians a slightly stronger front line, which overlapped the opposing French line. Phil put his Cuirassiers, Horse Grenadiers and Cossacks on our right, facing an equivalent Reichs cavalry brigade. 
Opposite me, 2 Austrian Kuirassier regiments supported by the French 'La Reine' regiment of Cheveaux legeres. 
 As attackers - I moved my hidden cavalry quickly to take a low hill.
Our infantry advanced on the French, hoping our extra numbers would tell. 
Opposite my wing, the Austrians only managed to get one regiment, Bretlach, moving to face me. 
Opposite Phil, the enemy cavalry began to advance and deploy. 
The French centre stayed in front of a wood - as usual, the Reichs artillery got a 6 on his first roll!
 ...and disorganised a battalion of Russian grenadiers!
My Prince Fedorovitch Cuirassiers had almost reached the hill...
...backed by 3rd Cuirassiers, and flanked by my Kalmuks and Arkhangelogorodskiy Dragoons. My artillery was having problems, as they were under my Incompetent infantry brigadier!
He had only just managed to get his infantry advancing! 
On Phil's wing, Lawrence's Kuirassiers failed to charge! Would Phil be able to catch them at stand? 
...er, no! - another 1 on the D6! 
Lawrence, meanwhile, was bringing some hidden infantry out of the wood in the middle of his deployment area to back up the Austrian cavalry.
A quick overview of the battle at this point, from Phil's side of the table. 
I had the hill! and was ready to take on the Austrians! 
My infantry had engaged their French opposite numbers. 
 Phil had advanced on the reserved French centre. 
He had his horse facing the Reichsarmee and was sending his Cossacks round their flank. 
The French centre opened fire! 
The first Russian line recoiled through the second line. 
Lawrence's Reichs kuirassiers had routed Phil's first line cuirassiers, and barreled into the Horse Grenadiers, who not only held, but wiped the Germans out!
My first line infantry had been driven off by the French, despite their greater numbers, but the second line drove the victorious french back through their own second line!
I tried to send my dragoons in to rout them, but my die roll was another 1!
My Prince Fedorovitch Cuirassiers charged regiment Bretlach...
...and promptly routed, pursued by the victorious Austrians!

On Phil's side, his grenadiers were fighting Blau-Wurtzburg, surely we would win here?
In the centre, the second line had taken over from the shattered front line.
Phil's Horse dragoons routed the Reichs cavalry second line, supported by the Cossacks.
On my wing, things were going from bad to worse as 3rd cuirassiers broke and were chased off by the remnants of Bretlach!
At least my artillery was still firing, and the front line infantry was reforming as the new second line.
The heavy gun destroyed a stand of La Reine, who were moving to engage my dragoons.
Again, despite this giving my men the advantage, La Reine was soon chasing my poor Arkhangelogorodskiy Dragoons off table too!, I had only my Kalmuks, guns and some battalions from the centre left.

Blau Wurtzburg was holding its own against our vaunted grenadiers!
On their flank, the indomitable Horse Grenadiers were advancing on the last line, dragoons, of the Reichs cavalry.
The enemy dragoons, threatened from the flank by the Don Cossacks, fell back.
Back on my wing, fresh battalions secured the French right.
The Russian centre was in tatters, the front line routed and the rest withdrew from the massed artillery.
On our right, Phil's grenadiers were still unable to progress past Blau Wurtzburg, and his Cossacks had charged...and been routed by the Reichs dragoons, but Phil's Horse grenadiers were ready to pounce on them.
So ended the battle, I reckon the French had the day, though both sides had exhausted themselves. It was a good game though, and it was good to see Lawrence getting some luck this week!


  1. lovely game and great rulebook you created! I studied it and I like very much the details and imponderabilia you inserted into the rules. Great!

    1. Thanks Scheck! I hope the rules give you many hours of fun!
      Any problems, please contact me and I will be happy to help!