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Saturday 25 November 2017

Battleground 2017

Today, there was no club as we were at Stockton upon Tees for the now regular, and excellent, Battleground show. I managed to get there for 10:15am, so had a good chance of finding what I wanted...
Held at the Queens campus at Teesside university's sports hall, it has good lighting which makes taking pics easier! Sadly, some were too blurred to use, and I missed taking pics of some good folks, like my friends at Hoka Hey! Sorry guys!

Other blogs have more pics...



Among others!

Still, here are the ones I took...

First, the games:
A game of Kreigspeil, with lots of period 'feel' items.
 My Tyneside wargames club's Trojan war 10mm game.
Brompton bankers' lovely looking Samurai game using the new Ronin rules. 

 Wargames in the dungeon and their operation Sealion game.

Independent Wargames group's ACW game

 Durham wargame club's visually stunning Port Republic game.
 Love the civilians! 

Warcradle studio were doing a Wild West: Exodus game 
 Nate Zettle had a lovely blood and plunder game
 Beautiful detail.
 Cozzmic cakes regular 'Shoot a cake and eat it' game
All the displays had nice signs saying what they were, a really useful resource for the casual browser like me! 
Cute way of selling nice cakes anyway! 
Malifaux's steam punk game, I think?. 
 Redcar Ironbeard's WW2 game
...(despite one of my pet hates, erratically placed rail track!)...  
 ..A nice looking game, with rather nice flame markers for burning tanks!
 Border Reiver's interesting Quatre Bras refight. 

 Monty's wargaming world's Adventures in 'Lardest' Africa. 
Durham wargames' Hungarian war of independence' game. 

 68th DLI display.
 Players in Tricornes?
 Has to be Stafford & district wargames WSS game.
 A refight of the Battle of Oudenarde.
Another lovely game, Carrying on up the dale's  Franco-Dutch battle... 
 ...set during Louis XIVs expansionary period!

Harrogate wargames group's Italian wars game. 
As usually, a well signed... 
 A house divided ACW game by Old Guard Wargames.
I liked the terrain especially! 
 Westerhope Wargames Group's Wellesley -(Soon to be Duke of Wellington)- in India game

Go, you Sepoys! 
Passing our lad's Trojan game again! 
The Bring and Buy! 
As the sign says... 
Generals and Kings' battle of Brandywine, 1777 

And finally, Scarborough wargames club's Bolt Action WW2 game.

On to the Traders:

Helion and company. 
I was tempted by some of these books! 
Barwell bodyworks 

 Pendraken & minibits

ssafa: A good charity, supporting servicemen and their families.
Colonel Bill's, loads of goodies here! 

Lesley's bits box 
Bring and Buy again, still going strong! 
Tumbling dice 
Dave Thomas's - loads of plastic goodness... 
...and Perry stockists! 
Dave Lanchester books. 
Newline designs 
Asylum wargames 
Rapier miniatures, gotta love those witches on broomsticks! 

A massive selection of tufts! 
 Games of war

Four A ? 

Some lovely packs of Minions! 
 Crooked dice

 Warlord games
Baccus 6mm 
Gaming figures, with a very striking display! 
Grubby tanks? 

Ainsty castings 
Their display is always worth a browse... 

..almost any battlefield nik-nak you could think of!
 By 12 Midday, the hall was still buzzing, but I had to go...
 Lawrence, at my last stop of the day...
 The Last valley! New cherry trees on view for the first time.
 Yeh, I bought some more desert roads...
...and tree tableau's  
 ..and a couple of marshy pools!
Sadly, being too close to Christmas, I had to control my budget, so had to settle for what i really needed. Perhaps its a goo thing I didn't get to Hoka Hey...!!

Great show though, My thanks to all those involved in putting it on!


  1. Thanks for posting, nice to see what goes on at other local shows

    1. Cheers Will!, I like to see what happens at other UK shows too!

  2. Fantastic compilation as always - thanks very much for doing all the work to get this up.

    1. Thanks Norm! I like to keep a record of shows I attend,to look back on -- I also hope it encourages more people to attend these great events!

  3. A good record of it . Glad to see you enjoyed our efforts Old Guard Wargames , with our 10mm ACW . Nice to get the feedback

    1. I think all the brave folk who put games on at a show deserve medals!, 10mm is a bit small for good pics, and my failing eyes without glasses, but they do look good!
      Thanks for putting the game on, well done!

  4. Thanks for the report. It was an excellent show. Sorry I missed you. Saw you taking picks, turned round and you'd gone!

    1. Hi Andy, thanks! Sorry I missed you too, I didnt see a lot of folks who were there!

  5. HI herky-good report-good to see you,as always.
    johnc(william)westerhope wargames group.

  6. Great report, it was all a bit of a blur for me (had to be back home in the toon for DnD kickoff at 2pm). Still managed to spend too much. Bagged a bargain though! https://rubbsalotsmancave.blogspot.co.uk/2017/11/battleground-wargames-show-2017-stockton.html

    1. Cheers Pal! --I, too felt I could have spent far longer there and still wouldn't have seen everything!

  7. Great record of the day. I missed a couple of the games you’ve pictured as I was tiled to my table most of the time.


    1. Thanks Colin! I missed a couple of games too, and I wasn't hosting a game! Thanks for contributing to a great day!