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Saturday, 7 October 2017

Phoenix squadron in action

Today, with my usual players off, I had a solo game of X-Wing!

(I was using the newly corrected Gozanti cruiser solo sheet, now available on our website at THIS LINK -- There was a line wrong on its predecessor!)

I wanted to try one of my new ships, so I made a  Star Wars: Rebels scenario where the Ghost, and 3 members of Phoenix squadron are tasked with destroying an Imperial cruiser transporting weapons to a base in the Lothal sector.

Elsewhere in the club - some little models of the Imperial ship I would be fighting! - the Gozanti class Assault carrier.
Mine is BIGGER! 
Hera Syndulla leading a flight of A Wings. 
I left the Phantom 1 docked with the Ghost.
Opposite, Agent Kallus, tasked with delivery of his precious cargo.
The Imperial force.
 Immediately, Kallus gave the order to 'Launch all fighters!'  
Image result for agent kallus

Phoenix squadron kept formation as the Ties headed towards them...

Hera: "Phoenix squadron, keep those Ties off our backs while I go for the cruiser"
Image result for hera syndulla

Hera fired at the first Tie...A critical hit!

The first Ties fired at the A-Wings, but they evaded the fire.
The A-Wings fired back, equally ineffectually!
The Ties began to find targets to pursue.
One of the A-Wings picked up a Tie as he tried to outflank the Cruiser.

Hera closed in on Kallus!
Ezra on the front guns saw the Gozanti's shields flare under his fire...
The heavy lasers on the Gozanti opened up...
Hera: "The shields can't take this fire for long, come on guys! , hit something!"
The crew of the Gozanti rapidly worked to restore their shields...
...the shields began to firm up.
As the A-Wings and Ties mixed up in a fur-ball, Hera pulled a tight turn...

...and pulled the ghost onto the cruisers tail!
The Gozanti tried to evade by turning, but the Ghost easily kept its position.
With all the manoeuvering, neither ship hit anything this turn!
The Gozanti turned for the table edge and safety...
The Ghost had to evade fire from several of the Ties, Kanan...
...managed to hit one at last!
The Rebel fleet began to focus on the retreating cruiser.
The Ties had taken a beating!
The Gozanti, under fire from the Ghost, only had 1 hull point left!...and a reactor leak!

(The Rebels had got off very lightly!)
Kallus: "It's time to leave, make the jump to Hyperspace!"
Capt. Velran: "But what of the Ties?"
Kallus: "Leave them!"*
The engines glowed...

So the Empire survived, just! 

Kanan: "Well, the Empire will make trouble for someone with that shipment."
Hera: " Well, we did our best! - I am sure Fulcrum will find that shipment, and then maybe we can have another go!

* NB: Kallus was not being too...callous, he knew there was a small Imperial base on a nearby moon where the pilots could call for a pickup!

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