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Saturday 21 January 2017

Post inauguration day game

Well, after the election of a new American president, and with half our group working or unwell, Lawrence and I took a couple of Nieuport 28's for a spin against the Boche!

Neither of us was feeling 100%, so Wings of Glory is ideal as a quick and simple game we could cope with!

We managed a couple of quick games, you will probably see why!

First game!

We used my Campaign rules to see what the Solo system would be using, for the first game, it chose a pair of Fokker DVII's !

I ran the Nieuport with the tricolour fuselage No 16, Lawrence No 12.
Both sides moved towards each other, Lawrence side-slipped right.
This left me facing both Fokkers, I just about managed to hold my own, luckily!
I Immelmanned right into the middle of the 2 Fokkers.
Lawrence's long turn left him...rather behind!
I managed to stall into an ideal firing position...
...and down he went!
The remaining Fokker managed to make his escape!
So ended the first game! - we continued, as we flew home...

The second game:

Our brave Americans, flying home for a well earned brandy...
2 Albatros DVa's have other ideas...
Lawrence and I both turned sharply in our nimble Nieuports as the Albatri forged forward.
Lawrence and I managed to pincer attack the wheeling Germans.
We caught one with a full 7 damage!
The Yanks passed to try and repeat the manoeuvre on the hapless Germans.
They, however, now began chasing me, would Lawrence be left on a limb?
Nope, he caught the damaged Albatros again!
I had Immelmanned again...
...so did the green tailed Albatros, straight into Lawrence's guns!
Lawrence Immelmanned to run parallel to 'Green tail', I had turned to avoid his guns! 
The other Albatros was out of the action, seemingly.
'Green tail' managed to avoid both of our Nieuports.
I turned to try to link up with Lawrence.
We tried to single out the badly damaged Albatros.
Things did not quite work out though, Lawrence picked up 'Green tail'...
...and I dodged to avoid a collision!
Lawrence managed another good flanking shot, but jammed his guns!
The two Albatri looked like they were going to join up again.
I raced to join Lawrence in pursuit of the damaged German.
He aggressively Immelmanned to face us!
Were we going to get stuck in a German pincer?
No, he raced past us...
I Immelmanned onto his tail, shooting, Lawrence went to fend off 'Green tail'.
Lawrence moved to Immelmann onto 'Green tail'.
I turned onto the damaged Albatros...
My guns jammed!
My fire had done enough though...
The Albatros fell flaming to the earth!
'Green Tail' headed for home, another victory for the Americans!

We had had a good day!

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  1. Always enjoy your write ups. Makes me want to get my wings of war planes out and play. Outstanding!