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Monday, 23 January 2017

How to use my X-Wing solo rules, Rogue one style!

Today was the first day proper of my week off...YAY! I had a chance to play with my new Rogue One X-Wing ships.
As ever, I took a standard X-Wing, my solo rules the U-Wing assault transport and a second X-Wing, the solo rules would also run any opposition we met...

The scenario would be that we had to get the U-Wing to its landing point off the other end of the table with no pursuers within 24". The target was an Imperial base holding a valuable hostage.

Our ships approached the planet Peronor (NO, not Jakku...why does EVERYONE want to go back to Jakku?!) -sorry, wrong film....!
The X-Wings were both Red squadron, the U-Wing is Cassian Andor's.
Lots of shields and firepower, that U-Wing! 
 The Rebels kept low, flying between hills on their way to the LZ. 
Ahead, we saw a flight of Tie Strikers...
Same firepower and defence as an X-Wing but more manoeuverable and slower.
How would they fight?
The solo system diced up for 2 to go straight forward, and 2 turn right. 
I had decided to go full power at the Ties, as did the U-Wing, the other X-Wing went slightly slower, but still straight forward in formation. 
The U-Wing began to outrun me, I had forgotten its big base would make it go faster at the same speed! 
The Ties had begun their redeployment... 
New turn, after choosing my X-Wing's next move I consulted the Solo rules for the other models. 
I put the small template on the base of the first Tie, and looked to see where on the template the nearest Rebel ship was, I then threw a D6 and got a 1, then consulted the appropriate line on the chart... 
...ah, a straight 3 manoeuvre. 
The chart also told me the Tie would use a Focus action this turn. 
My fellow Rebels and I all chose a straight 4 manoeuvre. 
 The Ties moved first, having lower pilot skill.
It looked like 3 of the Ties were aiming for me and the U-Wing while one went wide on the flank. 
That is a lot of firepower coming my way! 
Looked like the U-Wing would give me some protection from getting mobbed... 
...er, think again! It diced a speed 3 left bank! 
 The Ties all diced to close with the Rebels.
The U-Wing and Red 2 were trying to single out the lone Tie. 
 The 3 Ties opposite me looked menacing!
My first shot at the lead tie was...
...less than stellar! 
The U-Wing had  got first shot, at range 2. 
Wow! is that 1 damage on the tie?
 Nah, he did an evade action!
 Red 2 now tried a long range shot...
More brilliant evading from the Tie! 
 The lead Tie got his shot back...  
I just managed to evade!
Now the second Tie had a go at me...
...We both had Focus actions... 
 ...still TWO hits on me!
That took all my shields out! 
 Red 2 had got himself stuck right under the guns of the lone Tie!
New move.... The U-Wing was safely out of the action, I could have done with his firepower! 
I had Koiogran turned onto the lead Tie, another point blank shot... 
...another pointless miss! 
Another turn, again the U-Wing moved away, leaving me behind! 
Red 2 was also heading off table! 
I was chasing the lead Tie...and fired at short range... 
 ...got a target lock too! 
Another miss!!! - but the target lock allowed me to re-dice my blanks... 
...4 Hits! but with the 2 defence dice and the Tie's evade action... 
1 Critical hit! - a primary weapon malfunction. 
I had almost forgotten the flanking Tie! A long range shot... 
 Pity I didn't have a Focus action... 
Ah well, Cassian Andor would have got to his Landing Zone, and Red 2 would have evaded the Ties! - pity I died again!
- I only seem to play well when I am fighting for the Empire!

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