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Sunday, 18 January 2015

Sailing to Glory

Today, we tried another couple of games of Sails of Glory, using my 'Powder Monkey' solo rules to run the french fleet.

We chose a 1st rate, the HMS Ville de Paris (Phil) HMS Vanguard, a 74 (me), and finally, Lawrence ran HMS Terpsichore, a frigate.We started in line ahead.

The British squadron.
 We started upwind of the French, sailing beam on to it.
 The French 1st rate Commerce de Marseilles led the french 74 Le Berwick and the frigate Courageuse.
 In fear of shunting Ville de Paris, my 74 turned out of line.
The French, with good spacing between ships, continued upwind. 
HMS Terpsichore followed my lead and turned to starboard. 
By now, the french were getting close enough to 'smell the garlic!' 
 My plan to sandwich Commerce de Marseilles between Ville de Paris and Vanguard now looked unlikely to work.
 Commerce and VPD exchanged close range fire, my 74 fired at long range.
 Terpsichore now turned to rejoin the battle.
In the first volley, Commerce took light damage only from our fire.
 Ville de Paris took serious damage.
The squadrons passed, but Ville de Paris attempted to board Courageuse. 
His marines were, however, driven off by French musketry.
My 74 meanwhile, unable to reply, was shredded by the combined fire of Commerce de Marseilles and Le Berwick.2 fires and 2 leaks meant my crew would be fighting to save the ship rather than fighting the French! 
 Ville de Paris had an ineffective parting volley as she passed Courageuse.
With the French virtually untouched,and two of our ships crippled, it was decided we would withdraw. Another victory for the solo system!

Having time, we then decided on a refight, the French were as before.
We reversed our order, Terpsichore in the lead, followed by Vanguard and Ville de Paris, we were able to start close together as the fastest ships were in front!
Once again, we started upwind of the French, beam on to the wind.
The French continued on moving close to the wind.
Surprisingly, the frigate Terpsichore remained in front, instead of moving round the French?
A frigate v frigate action was her best option, I thought...

The French turned as we closed, poor Terpsichore took a lot of French fire.
My Vanguard failed to get in range to assist her against Le Berwick, Terpsichore was ablaze, her crew struggling to effect repairs.
At the rear, HMS Ville de Paris fired on Le Berwick.
All the ships now started turning to try and get a good broadside off.
HMS Vanguard nearly got caught by Le Berwick!
Ville de Paris turned on the pursuing Courageuse, Vanguard turned out of range of Commerce de Marseilles to chase Berwick.
Commerce was distracted by the retreating Terpsichore, however, her broadside caused almost no damage! 
I, meanwhile had tacked Vanguard upwind to get a stern raking shot on the Berwick!
3 leaks!- with this damage on top of her previous damage, she foundered!
Vanguard then turned on Commerce de Marseilles, who was now bracketed with HMS Ville de Paris to her front (Courageuse had struck),so she decided to withdraw, despite only being lightly damaged.
(She had no real chance against our 1st and 3rd rate ships of the line)
A British victory! - and a prize frigate to boot!

This was the first time we have beaten the solo rules!!!!

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