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Saturday, 3 January 2015

Not quite Carentan?

Today, we had our first game of 2015 at the club, a WW2 skirmish set in Normandy 1944.
We used a platoon of U.S. paratroops (101st Airborne), supported by a squad of U.S Rangers...and a Sherman tank. Our mission was to capture a town held by a platoon of Germans. (run by the solo system in my rules-- available here)

The village we would attack.
 The view from the Allied side, a road led across the bridge into town. 
The Germans headquarters was set up in the town inn.
 The rest of the German force was randomly placed - mixed with dummy markers, around the town, in likely enemy positions.
 The Rangers (led by Lawrence) and their tank headed round a wood to outflank the German position in the town.
 Ian, with a section of 'Screaming Eagles' headed towards the town from the front, using a wood to mask their movements.
My section crossed a ford in front of the town inn. 
 I sent my 30 cal and 2 scouts first to secure my approach.
Phil, in command, pushed across the stream on my right, he decided not to move down the road, assuming it would be heavily defended. 
Back on our left, the Rangers scanned the village for the town's defenders. 
 The tank commander decided to chance a quick advance.
 The Rangers followed, and heard shooting through the wood.
 A German squad had spotted Ian's men and opened fire.
 A Paratrooper fell riddled with bullets.
The Rangers - with their armour - attacked through the wood. 
The German infantry were forced to react to this new threat, leaving their MG firing at the men in front. 
Another Para was hit, but their whole section was able to support the attack now. 
The Germans were fighting stubbornly in the wood, despite the odds. 
Meanwhile, Phil had got his men overlooking the town, his 60mm mortar team spotted more Germans in the town.... 
 ...and quickly got the range.
The Rangers began rounding up the survivors of the German squad.
 This allowed Ians men to move into the town. 
 The tank continued down the track leading into the town.
 Outflanked, and under fire from mortar and small arms, the Germans in the ruined house retreated through the buildings to safety.
 Phil and I were now free to assault the rest of the town.
No further enemy positions were found, so where were they? 
 After securing the town, the 'Eagles' moved towards the bridge road.
 The majority of the German force was here, including Heavy machine guns, a PaK 40, Panzerjagers and more infantry!--set up to cover the bridge!
Seeing the town cleared on their right, the Germans wisely decided to retreat and set up a defensive position behind the town.

The Germans were blighted by their unlucky deployment, they had very little in the town or right flank, where we attacked, and had their strength on the road. Had we attacked there, the result could have been very different!

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  1. Nice report, sounds like it played out pretty well with a good spattering of the "fog of war" :-)