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Saturday 1 July 2023

Return of 'What a Cowboy'!

 Today, we introduced our pal Phil to 'What a Cowboy'.

We did a similar scenario to our last game with 2 gangs fighting for dominance of a small town...

I provided the Mexican style terrain, and most of the greenery, Lawrence added some rocks and a pool, and Phil the Cowboys!

I had done my own playsheets, and 'Pinned' counters. (These are Phil and Lawrence's forces)
These are Phillip and my forces.
Phillip put his guys on our left, behind the Arroyo.
My 2, Ebenezer Goode and Wylie Capote.
We faced the villainous Randy Thoms and Elijah Tickell gang!

I got first initiative and headed into town.
Phillip moved his Greenhorn alongside me.
My Greenhorn was trying to keep up with me!
Phillip's Shootist, Donald Dack, moved up slowly, far behind his enthusiastic sidekick!
In the distance, the bad guys were entering the town from the far side.
Lawrence's sidekick was probing through the rocks.
In a sudden rush, Lawrence's sidekick move to the roof of a large building with his rifle.
He saw Phillip's man and fired! - he got a shock on him.
My sidey was next, and threw 3 '6's, which generated the random event of 3 Henchmen, who turned out to be hostile!
Wylie managed to get a few shots off...
...and managed to pin the flunkies!
I got next activation and raced onto their flank. Loosing off 5 shots,I shot one and the rest fled! I had got 4 '6's, which reset the game and ended the turn after my activation!
Lawrence (Elijah Tickell) moved to outflank our men in the centre of town.
Phil's Gunman, Randy Thoms, went on top of the building in the centre, D'ya see him? 
Phillip's rifleman did and he fired!
Coming under fire he headed for more solid cover!
Donald Dack was still stuck behind the first building he had reached!
Randy Thoms had a bead on my Gunman, Ebenezer, but he played a Bonanza token and went out of sight.
Yay! - Donald Dack arrived!
His sidekick was advancing again, living a charmed life as bullets whizzed past him!
Tickell ambushed Donald Dack, but couldn't hit anything!
Ebenezer was shot at by Phil's rifleman, and ducked back!
Tickell had fallen back to cover.
Donald moved towards the centre of town, ignoring the attack!
His riflemen was driven back to some tables by fire from the bushes and roof.
He survived again, and even drove Lawrence's rifleman back from the roof edge.
He ran up to the bushes, Tickell had fallen back to the house behind, and was shot up by the rifleman until he fled the table!
Having driven off Phil's rifleman, I came to support my rifleman, Thoms was a vicious enemy, and got the better of his fight with Ebenezer.
Once again, Ebenezer dodged a crippling hit. My fire was less effective!
Phil's Riflemen had got his mojo back (and a couple of Shock dice) and opened fire from a hill.
My rifleman was forced to dive behind a bush...at the same time Ebenezer failed a dodge and got gut-shot. I used my last Bonanza token to get 2 Shock back, but decided he would cut and run.
Thoms had another great shot at Wylie, and 0 diced him!, he crawled off badly wounded.
These losses broke our force which failed a 'Ride or Die' test...no doubt we will lick our wounds and come back for revenge another day!


  1. Another great little "Cowboy" action - the rules seem like a lot of fun!

    1. Thanks rross! The rules are indeed a lot of fun!

  2. Never fear, its a game we will most certainly be playing again! I am painting up terrain for it at the moment!