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Saturday 12 March 2022

Return of the French

 Today, Lawrence tried a different type of French army against my Prussians...

Once again, I lost initiative, but at least the dice were kind enough not to let the French deploy in the flank sectors!

I deployed first in the left of this picture.

I got a lot of Average Brigadiers, and one Brave and Competent one!
Lawrence got one of my usual Brigadier mixes, with 2 Cautious Incompetents to deal with!
I deployed (top of pic) in 2 lines with a cavalry brigade behind each wing, the French did likewise.
The French did not get a very good start, only Reichs regiment Bayreuth got moving on Lawrence's wing!
Much of the centre infantry only advanced slowly too.
Phil on the French left got his infantry moving...
...and some cavalry, Regiment Turpin taking the lead.
The French Cheveaux Legeres also began to deploy out.
His German infantry and Grenadiers du France moved forward menacingly.
I sent my Frei Korps, supported by a regiment of Musketeers to take the wood before the Germans reached it.
My other infantry moved forward to guard their flanks.
I also took possession of the low hill in front of my left.
I moved my gun batteries, supported by IR6 left to outflank the now advancing Swiss.
The Swiss reached the hill and a firefight developed.
Lawrence left his heavy gun supporting his Grenadier Royeaux battalions.
Near the wood, my regiments met Regiment Picardie.
My heavy gun supported their attack.
Phil had advanced Rgt Turpin to the edge of the wood...they tried to charge the flank of my infantry supporting the Frei Korps, but they refused!
His Grenadiers du France slowly wheeled left to support them.
My infantry fired a volley into Regiment Picardie.
My regiment on the hill, though outnumbered, were holding their own against Swiss regiment Planta.
Regiment Picardie returned fire.
My men took losses, but stayed in the fight.
Picardie began to suffer from the Heavy Prussian fire, but held.
In my centre, a regiment had moved to attack the Grenadiers Royeaux...
 ...but took a volley and panicked!
They retreated through the following Fusiliers, disrupting them.
My regiment on the hill was, however, still holding out against the Swiss.
The Swiss were taking the worst of the exchange.
Regiment Planta retreated through the following Regiment Diesbach.
I decided the regiment that had beaten a Swiss regiment would retire to the rear line, rather than face the next Swiss attack.
In the wood, in an attempt to save his 'First fire' bonus, Phil had Rgt Alsace try to charge my Frei Korps - but they initially failed, in turn taking losses from the skirmishing Prussians.
On my left, I finally got my Kuirassiers ready to advance.
They moved forward...
...the 2 supporting Dragoon regiments stayed in reserve.
Regiment Picardie mustered a solid volley.
...my regiment fell back through their second line.
On the hill, Lawrence had tried to deploy a gun on the hill, but my Prussians shot them down as they deployed!
Regiment Diesbach now attacked the hill, now held by my Grenadiers...
Despite heavy losses, my brave Grenadiers held!
A solid return volley shredded the Swiss! - they retreated from the hill to join Rgt Planta. Bothe regiment were shattered, but refused to rout!
The Bayreuth Kuirassiers charged my Kuirassiers...
...but they were beaten and broke off to rally back.
My Hussars tried to engage the French Turpin Hussars, but were stopped by a gun Phil had placed behind the wood!
The French Hussars advanced and beat my hussars.
I  sent a Dragoon regiment to chase off the French Hussars, but they crashed into the La Reine regiment, they were damaged in the clash...
...my survivors fled the field!
My heavy gun was keeping the French at bay while my retreated regiment restored their order.
My guns on the hill were harassing the Swiss.
My Kuirassiers were cutting into the Reichs Cavalry.
At this point the French Conceded, in the centre, their regiments were in worse state than the Prussians. Only in the wood had the Germans, with great loss, driven off the Frei Korps, and were holding against my regiments.
With my right wing Kuirassiers unengaged, Phil's weakened horse looked likely to be beaten.
So, a hard fought victory for Frederick!

We will do this again next week, as a new player has expressed an interest in playing. It will be good to have a new player in our games!

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