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Saturday, 23 October 2021

Having a Ball

 Today, we had our club back up and running after the church hall we hire has been redecorated! - its good to be back!

We had a couple of games of Wings of Glory WW1, as it was just Phil and me playing, so we played against my solo system again.

Our first opponents, two Fokker DVIIs.

Phil used Albert Ball's SE5a
I used James McCudden's
Our two opponents advanced in formation.
Phil and I were rather...spaced out!
I had tried to take a wide flank and cut across the German line, but timed it badly.
Phil passed the Germans on his own!
Both sides turned to engage.
I was closing, but even the with SE's speed it would take time.
Phil came off badly in the first engagement.
He managed to avoid engaging the second Fokker.
I was getting closer...
Phil emerged from the melee to join me.
Both sides turned or Immelmanned to face each other. 
Our fire converged on 'Pink tail', but only just outshot him.
I followed Pink tail, Phil went after Yellow.
The Yellow Fokker was lucky...
I was having trouble 'getting a bead'
The Fokker was lucky again!
I left pink tail and tried to join Phil.
The Fokker was lucky AGAIN!
Pink tail now turned after me.
Yellow tried to engage me, Phil finally stopped firing blanks!
Pink tail was still slowly turning after me.
Phil continued to follow Yellow.
The Fokkers were getting back together.
I Immelmanned to get at Yellow.
Pink tail now engaged us.
I still kept after Yellow.
I got a good hit as well!
Phil turned after Yellow too...
...and sent it down in flames!
We could now focus on the remaining German.
Pink tail was up for it!
He got a good hit on me, I missed!
I Immelmanned again.
Pink tail turned inside Phil and hit him hard again.
Phil, with only 1 hull point left, decided to break off.
I now turned to chase the pesky Fokker.
He was more maneuverable, I was faster.
The turning continued.
I got a deflection shot.
I closed and got a good hit!
He evaded me...as I Immelmanned again.
We flew side by side...
...I was able to turn and hit him.
It was enough to ensure a British victory!

Our second game

We decided to use planes of our choice, I took Albert Ball's Nieuport 17, Phil a Camel.

We fought two Pfalz DIII's.
Phil again came off worst in a nose to nose.
I was still closing in my slower plane.
Phil and the Boche passed.
My plane sailed serenely by my opponent.
Phil Immelmanned after his quarry.
He at least managed to damage his opponent.
My enemy turned to engage Phil, I Immelmanned - but would I be able to keep up?
Phil was faced by Yellow tail who Immelmanned, Black tail missed him.
I was getting left out!
Black tail started to turn towards me...or was he?
Phil turned to evade Yellow tail.
Both Pfalzen were keyed on the Camel. 
Phil turned sharply right and cut through his pursuers.
I now finally got into the action.
I managed to get on the flank of Black tail...
My first shot caused a Bang!
Who knew the Nieuport carried Sparrowhawk missiles!
We're Jammin',-- Jammin' on a Saturday night!
I turned after the lone Pfalz.
Phil kept loose as he tried to clear his guns.
He finally turned in an Immelmann and got a good hit!
The Pfalz managed to escape, though.
He then turned to attack.
I was the likely target.
I escaped, and Phil's Camel Immelmanned to engage the Pfalz.
I Immelmanned too.
The Pfalz slipped by.
I turned sharply after it.
It tried to turn to engage me...
...I got him!
Another Victory!

All in all we had a couple of good games!

It is good to be back at the club!

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