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Tuesday, 11 August 2020

Ahsoka's sweep

Today, as I was on a week off (The first since March, due to Covid 19!) I felt like doing another Star Wars skirmish (Yes, I have been binge watching Clone Wars like there's no tomorrow!)

I didn't have much idea on a scenario, but I wondered how Ahsoka Tano might work with a squad of Clones, clearing an area of Separatists.

My dining table, set up for the game.
As usual, I set up some Portal Markers to generate the opposition (if any) 
I started with Ahsoka leading two half sections of Clones. 
Only a single Portal marker was able to spot them, fortunately it was a single, so there was no chance at this stage of the game of generating any opposition.
Initially, I gave Ahsoka a 'Move' order, allowing a fair amount of latitude - the clones generated 'Advance' orders, which would make them march forward - no doubt straight into a pack of Portal Markers!
 As Ahsoka was within 5" of each group of Clones, she could take command of one group, and 'give an order' to the other, limited here to 'Advance' or 'Stand', neither exactly what I wanted.
 Ahsoka led the right unit towards the road, opting to leave the other group covering the move on 'Stand'
Swapping her command to the other group, these now leap-frogged the first group, who in turn covered their move. As I planned, my move put me within 8" of that Portal Marker... 
...which moved to join another as it was within 12". 
Ahsoka now left the first group... 
...and sprinted across the road to get the other group. 
Left to their own devices, group one now advanced toward their objective, the far table edge. At least now they advanced in cover. 
Ahsoka led group two round the other flank to deal with the Portal markers on that side of the table. 
 Group one proceeded safely down the left side of the table.
Ahsoka led group two down the other side. 
Ahsoka then left them to continue on Advance. 
The Clones of group two had displaced another Portal marker... 
...with Ahsoka on the road and the Clones probing on a wide front, they had soon cleared a large area. 
Unfortunately Group One were spotted as they approached a power generator. 
 A roll of 5 (D6) meant a group of 4 Battle Droids rounded the corner of the building.
 The Clones were soon in a fire-fight.
One Clone was forced to duck back. 
2 Droids were hit but not destroyed. 
 Ahsoka appeared from behind a bush...to attract some of the Droids fire.
She deflected a shot back... 
...but only damaged a Droid. Another 4 joined the first.
The un-suppressed Droids now took the lead  
The Clones tried to get into better cover. 
 A couple of the Droids were destroyed. 
 Just in time, as another 4 rounded the corner of the building.
 Group 2 had seen the shooting, and now joined in at long range.
 The Droids now split their fire further.
One Clone in group 2 was knocked back... 
...but the combined fire of all the Clones  soon started knocking down the 'Clankers' 
 A larger group of Droids now appeared including an officer.
 Until the Republic forces could dislodge those Portal markers behind the building, it would be possible for the Droids to over-run our positions with sheer numbers!
 Fortunately, the Clones were still able to out-shoot the droids... 
...Assisted by Ahsoka, of course!
I considered moving Ahsoka forwards, but this would leave the Clones on the hill vulnerable. 
The Droids were now joined by some Super Battle Droids. 
 These doubled the fire from the Droids!
But even more Battle Droids came up in their support.
At this point, the Droid forces were outshooting the Clones! 
Incredibly luckily, none of the Clones were killed. 
 Ahsoka had led the rest of the Clones forward, but they were quickly pinned down, despite Ahsokas' efforts to deflect shots.
'Hey! I can't see the Clones through our own Droids!' 
 Ahsoka deflected a shot back at one of the Super Battle Droids, destroying it!
With most of her Clones firing again, Ahsoka took a risk and stopped shielding them...  
 ...she picked up several and smashed them into the building!
'Hey, where did everybody go?' 
With most of the Droid's fire now gone... 
... the Clones fired effectively. 
But another 4 Super Battle Droids came up in support. 
 'Out of the way, Out of the way!'
 Ahsoka now raced forward to dislodge some more Portal markers...
 ...then she attacked the Droids.
 The Clones had a good round of shooting knocking out all 4 Super Battle Droids!
Ahsoka cut through the Battle Droids like a hot knife through butter! 
Her attack had shifted those troublesome Portal markers too! 
With no enemy visible,  group 2 began to move forward.
 Ahsoka led group 1 to outflank the Portal markers.
 These were now in a small area.
Ahsoka held her Clones back util they could attack together. 
Ahsoka pounced! 
 The Portal markers had nowhere to go...
...and were destroyed! 
So, Victory to the Republic! I was sooo lucky not to lose some Clones in that firefight!

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