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Saturday, 21 September 2019

Another pre campaign game!

Today, we decided to do a 7 Years War game, and had Rhys (who doesn't really like our7YW game) - friend Jack playing with us.
I used my Prussians, and got Jack as a wing commander, Lawrence had his Franco/Reichsarmee and had Phil helping him.
Neither side got an advantage in deployment, so were forced to deploy in the central sector...

My cavalry were on the Prussian left, in double line so they fitted past a large wood!
We had a conventional centre to the right of the wood, but Jack's cavalry had to deploy in the rear. 
Javk had an infantry brigade in the rear too, so he could extend his line into the right flank sector. 
Opposite Jack, Lawrence had his horse behind the Reichs Infantry. 
Phil had the centre... 
...and a cavalry wing opposite me. 
The battlefield, a steep hill on the far side made it difficult to fight there. 
 My Prussian Kuirassiers moved up a low hill opposite Phil.
I swung a dragoon regiment on the flank to support them. 
Jack on our right sent his Frei Korps forward and got his reserve infantry moving in column to extend the infantry line. 
Most of the infantry remained in place. 
Jack had a Heavy Gun battery which was moved forward of the infantry.
 Lawrence's Turpin Hussards moved towards the steep hill.
 They had some supporting light infantry.
Phil got some Reichs Kuirassiers moving towards my cavalry. 
The majority of the Reichsarmee stayed still opposite our centre. 
My dragoons reached the table edge and deployed into line... 
...my Kuirassiers advanced over the low hill to attack Phil's horse. 
My second dragoon regiment now got an order! and would act in support of the Kuirassiers. 
Jack got the 1st Hussars advancing along with the Frei Korps. 
 The Frei troops were screening the Heavy gun as it deployed.
The Prussian infantry centre was now fully deployed. 
Jack's heavy cavalry, though slow to activate, began to deploy on the Prussian right. 
Phil sent the Bayreuth Kuirassiers against my Kuirassiers... 
...despite causing heavy casualties on the Prussians, they routed. 
My weakened Kuirassiers pursued into the following Reichs Kuirassiers.
The Reichs Kuirassiers wiped my men out, but the rest of my cavalry was still intact.
While this cavalry battle worked out, Phil advanced his dragoons to engage mine.
 Lawrence's Turpin Hussards and the Voluntaires moved to take the steep hill before the Prussian light troops arrived.
 Lawrence opened his infantry line to allow his cavalry to pass!
 Jack had his lights up in record time, and deployed to defend the steep hill. 
 His heavy cavalry finally got deployed in line on the flank, behind them.
 Phil got his second Kuirassier regiment and his dragoons ready to attack my remaining cavalry. 
His Dragoons beat mine who shamefully fled in rout! 
Phil brought the La Reine cavalry and the Szecheny hussars up in support.  
 The pursuit of my dragoons put the Reichs cavalry deep in my wing.
 On the other wing, the Turpin Hussards charged Jack's Hussars, who retreated from the attack.
The Frei Korps managed to shoot a stand off the French--Yay!
Back with the Dragoon battle, the Reichs dragoons engaged my reserve dragoons while still in column and savaged them...they routed and were pursued over the hill.  
 My last Kuirassier regiment on the low hill charged the Austrian Hussars...
 ...these, too, shamefully fled, never to return!
 My Kuirassiers now had a lot to deal with... 
... with enemy horse behind them. 
On the other wing, the Prussian kuirassiers failed again, being beaten by the Cuirassiers du Roi! 
 They at least didn't rout! - but fell back in disorder!
Lawrence tried to attack the Heavy gun...
A six saw them off in short order! 
The Turpin Hussards now charged again... 
Driving off the Frei Korps. 
 My Kuirassiers now decided to attack the Reichs infantry, and were wiped out!
This was the last straw for the Prussians, and we ceded the day!

Ah well, battles will be Battles!


  1. Very nice. Probably a silly question, but What make are the minis?

    1. Hi Paul, not a silly question at all! The infantry and gunners are all Lancashire games, the Reichs cavalry are too.
      Essex miniatures are the Prussian cavalry and the guns, the two battalions of Prussian fusiliers are OG15.