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Saturday, 1 September 2018

Border Reiver 2018

And...We're back!

After the long August break, our Autumn season, as ever, began with the excellent local Border Reiver show at the Gateshead International stadium.

I was initially very happily surprised! - the lighting is now normal white instead of the awful yellow sodium lighting of previous years...

...See what I mean!??? (last year's show pic)

So, on with this year's show report!

The Traders

Helion and Company.

 Warlord games.

Colonel Bill's. 

The Last Valley- I spent most of my money here getting some of his lovely Bocage terrain pieces (hence the empty bottom shelves!). 
Most of the terrain is green European/ American... 
( I just noticed, this poor M4 has broken a track!)
...on the other side Andy's lovely desert terrain. 
I definitely could have bought more here! 
Midlam miniatures. 
 A stall selling badges and nik-naks.
 Ainsty castings.
...the one seller of plastic boxed figures I saw today! 

War HQ, with some nice 3d printed buildings. 
Another thing to catch my eye were these lovely MDF buildings from Sarissa Precision.

Northumbrian painting services?. 
Reiver castings. 
Graham's Wuerkshoppe. 
PE2 collectables. 

Dave Lanchester books.

 Tumbling dice.


I also invested in some much needed tank decals from Minibits!!. 
Footsore miniatures. 
 Eagle figures.
 1525 miniatures.
 Lesley's bits box.
KR Multicase. 
Empires at War. 
These also had some very nice MDF buildings!.
 Games of War.
 Lovely ship models!
 Worley books.

Crooked Dice. 
15mm Skirmish Supplies. 
Models, Books and Games...
...I got a nice Tiger tank from them!
Bow and Blade games.
Another must go to for me is Hoka Hey Wargaming. 
 They also sell the nice Timeline MDF buildings.
Their lovely Border Reiver figures. 
I bought some of their Bocage bits as well! 

The Games:

Whitby Wargames Club: Dad's Army/Operation Sealion game.

Andrew Paul Wylie, dressed splendidly for the occasion! 
He has put on Wild West game at shows for a long time, but may be going into Steampunk gaming in the near future? 
Westerhope Wargames Club, Napoleonics in the snow! 
Lovely looking game! 

 I also met several people I hadn't seen in ages, including Paul Farrow, ex cop and generally nice guy! (Jarrovian on TMP) - I have cut his head of in several previous show reports, so he deserves a special! 
 Ian and the other members of the 3D wargamers from Whitley bay...
 ...Rod and Frankie...
...Doing 28mm Samurai using Pike and Shotte. 
 The Flea market...ok, so more of a trader than a game, but never mind!

 Heaton Games society Warhammer 40K game.
 YMCA Gaming group...
 Playing 'What a Tanker' - the scenario seemed to be based on the 'Fury' Shermans v Tiger battle, with participants getting an M4 to use...
...Brad Pitt seemed to bu pushing his luck here! 

I liked these MDF Dashboards they were using!...
...and the inflatable 88mm/75mm shells! 
IMHO, though, the best looking game today was the Blood and Plunder/ Ghost Archipelago game by Captain Jack's locker.

 What's not to like?
 Redcar Ironbeards Rapid Fire game, featuring XXX Corps trying to reach Arnhem.

Blyth Wargamers Frostgrave game... 

...and 1942 North Africa Bolt Action game. 

My own Club: Tyneside Wargames club... 
...again doing their spectacular Bronze age naval game. 

 Little Pete painted over 1000 crewmen to man these!
 All the models and figures were made by the club!

And that was it for another year, a splendid show again, and my thanks go to all the Traders and gamers for making the effort to attend!. Well done to all at the Border Reivers club for organising and running it too!

And finally...

In case you were wondering, Brad Pitt was toast!

Roll on next year!


  1. Great stuff Herky.

    You managed to catch me in the 6th last picture, on the right in a pale jersey and jeans.

    1. Thanks Jim! I was looking but missed seeing you! I hope you enjoyed the day as much as I did!

  2. I missed it this year, a 400 mile round trip today taking my son back to uni. Lets hope I get there next year

    1. Taking your son was a necessary and important job! Border Reiver (and other shows) will still be here to welcome you!

  3. Excellent report! Nice to see you today!

    1. Cheers Andy! - I always enjoy this show, and meeting folk!

  4. Richard again a cracking report on a surprisingly good day. Olly the young player in our What a Tanker Fury game stole game 1. With the last shot of the game he took out the deadly Tiger. In your last pic of Brad pit brewing up...you can just see his tank ' Plain Jane' in the top left.

    1. Thanks! I am glad, and not a little impressed, that one of the young 'uns got the kill!
      It was an excellently set up and run participation game, so well done to all involved!

  5. Hi Richard I just wanted to say Hi and a big thankyou for your Solo Wings of War templates. I started with WofW a few months ago, inspired partly by your game reports that I read retrospectively and more especially your solo templates that enable anyone to play.
    I am about 20 miles from the nearest club so most of my gaming is solo and these were great for me.
    From you I got to the Aerodrome and am now taking part in their ongoing WWI solo campaign.
    So once again - Thanks

    1. Thanks Vagabond! I am always happy when people find my solo systems useful, I hope they, and the Aerodrome, give you a lot of enjoyment!

    2. Hi Richard, Back in April I posted a game on my fairly new blog - Biggles and the Big Bristol in which I said I must thank you for the solo rules and it's taken me over 4 months to get round to doing it. So my apologies for taking your great idea and not thanking you before now.
      This was the game I posted.


      and I did credit you in it, more than once, so hopefully that exonerates me.
      Thanks again.

    3. Do not fret! My solo rules are free to use as you wish! - I appreciate your crediting me as the author, so thank you!!!

      Thanks for the link too, I will have a look when I get the time this weekend.