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Saturday, 24 June 2017

Vikings return

Today, we had a rematch after THIS GAME - where my Vikings had driven Lawrence from his village.
Being the Earl of Sneakiness, rather than try to retake his lost village, he decided to take one of mine back!

The peaceful village of Sparvatling...
...little more than a few houses surrounding a sacred grove. 
 The Raiders would approach from the other side of the stream.
I placed Ragnarr, Lagatha and co near the shrine. 
...behind a group of spearmen.
Ian Legg, playing his first game, took my previously victorious commander, and held the right. 
Lawrence brought some archers and slingers over the stream opposite me. 
Not wanting to get their feet wet (!),  his Lord and his other men crossed at the bridge.
Phil had his lovely Viking figures on Lawrence's left... 
...flanked by 4 slingers.
I took my men down the road into town to try and engage Lawrence. 
I sent a block of spearmen round the flank. I hoped these would move his archers and allow Ragnarr to engage Lawrence. 
Ian advanced on Phil, leading with his powerful knights and archers. 
Lawrence crossed the stream unopposed. 
His missile troops were ahead on the hill overlooking the town. 
 Phil's men moved across the stream. 
My flanking spearmen advanced up the hill opposite the archers... 
...neither side could see the other. 
In the centre, Ragnarr took cover to support either the centre or flank attacks. 
 Lawrence was careful, and slowed to allow his forces to mass on my side of the stream.
Phil reached the outskirts of the village opposite Ian. 
His slingers moved to try and get into shooting range of my archers. 
Ian's force looked very powerful, forcing Phil to rethink facing them. 
Covered by his missile troops, Lawrence advanced cautiously into the village. 
Phil moved his main body to join him and overwhelm me. 
My archers were not able to hit anything, and were taking light wounds from long ranged shooting from the hill. 
 My flanking force, hoping to engage before Phil could reinforce Lawrence, charged through the enemy archers into Lawrence's more numerous spearmen.
I moved my Vikings characters to try and attack Lawrence's now isolated Lord. 
Ian now realised Phil was going to support Lawrence, but took time dressing his lines instead of hurrying to support me!
Phil had reached the scene of action, and decided to send troops through the great hall. 
My archers..finally!...managed to wound 2 of Lawrence's archers!- but a lucky arrow from Lawrence's archers wounded Ragnarr in return! 
 My initial attack on the flank failed to make headway, and the greater numbers of Lawrence's men began to tell.
Ian's force now began to move more quickly in my support. 
 My brave spearmen made one last valiant effort to break Lawrence's spearmen.
My archers were now shot down by Lawrence's bowmen... 
...My flanking spearmen broke and ran...
...Ragnarr tried to stop Phil's Berserkir coming through the hall... 
...but was killed first blow!
I shouldn't be surprised, Ragnarr dies every time I use him!

Its like Kenny in South Park!

Never mind, fun game!


  1. They killed Ragnar!

    You b***ards!

    Nice write up. Fun dark age action.

    1. Ah - another South Park fan!
      I have worked out the chance of losing every personal combat 5 times in a row is 0.0312500! - I am doomed!

  2. Poor Ragnar. Great post, thanks for sharing it.

    1. Thanks! I always think its a good game if you lose and still enjoy it!

      One day, Ragnarr will win!?