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Saturday, 4 March 2017

A Feisty Frigate action

Today, we had a game of Sails of Glory Napoleonic.
Alex suggested a big frigate action, not in size, but in ship size!

The Hebe class ships therefore took to sea!, with a smaller frigate each side.

The French started heading upwind, in line.
In the lead, Hermione. 
...second, Dryade...
...in the rear, Proserpine.
The Royal Navy also deployed in line with the smaller frigate in the lead.
I ran the lead ship, HMS Orpheus. 
Lawrence, in command, was next in HMS Amelia. 
Alex, at the rear, had HMS Sybille.
2 islands looked as if they would play no part in today's action! 
The British stayed in formation, hoping to get upwind of the advancing French. 
It began to look as if we would cross the French 'T'. 
The French were being run by my solo system, Powder Monkey, which began to control the ships at 2 shot rules distance, Hermione was now in that range! 
I eschewed firing at long range with my forward guns. 
So long as the French stayed in line ahead, I would get a short range shot... 
...Success !!!
 Not bad, though the 5 was a waste! (Hermione had 2 burden)
One box of hull and one crew casualty. 
Hermione amazed us by staying on course, and penetrated our line!
 She got a stern rake on me and a bow rake on Lawrence!  
 Lawrence's MHS Amelia got a shot at Dryade too. 
After musketry as well, we totaled  the damage...I had been trashed, and Amelia was on fire!
 Hermione began reloading her guns...
I got a partial shot into her stern as she passed. 
Alex, in HMS Sybille, now luckily got a double broadside on Hermione and Dryade!
Hermione was holed, and Dryade lost a part of her crew and upperworks. 
 Hermione still had musketry, and killed another crew box from HMS Amelia!
Hermione was half destroyed and had a lot of crew casualties. 
Dryade had lost some crew but was ok. 
My HMS Orpheus was half gone too. 
HMS Amelia was worst off, with lots of dead crew and a fire to fight! 
Proserpine now got a long ranged fire on HMS Amelia... 
 More damage, but ,more importantly, another crew casualty!
 HMS Amelia was in critical condition!
Fortunately, the 2 sides were separating, giving Amelia time to extinguish her fire.  
Lawrence now decided it prudent to break off the action, the French ships were only lightly damaged, but HMS Amelia was going to be unable to fight well due to crew losses... 
 ...and HMS Orpheus was of limited use.
...So we turned and headed home!
The French had won the battle with that charge by Hermione into our line!

Vive L'Empereur!

It was good to have Phil visit today too!


  1. Replies
    1. Thanks Phil! I always think Age of Sail actions are simple and pretty!

  2. Wonderful action and pictures really good. Thanks for sharing.

    1. Thanks Bob, we don't play Sails as much these days but always have a blast when we do!