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Friday, 30 December 2016

The Force Awakens at Christmas?

Today, to avoid the New Year, I had a try at the new X-Wing models I got as a Christmas present!
The new solo rules...
...I did this week needed a try too, so 2 birds with one stone?

(I have since discovered I have been playing X-Wing wrong! I should have been doing all movement first, then shot in Pilot Skill order! )

The scenario was a simple one, 2 X-Wings flying back from a mission being ambushed by 4 Tie fighters hiding in an asteroid field. We had to get off table without any enemy being able to get off table within 6" of us within 1 turn. We also had to cause more hull damage on the Ties' than we had received.

 I ran a T-70 X-Wing (Poe Dameron) and had a Blue squadron Ace accompanying me.
 The T-70 is a big bird, unlike the old X-Wing it has 3 shields
Our opponents, 4 Tie/fo fighters. 
1 Epsilon leader, 2 Obsidian squadron pilots, and a Zeta squadron novice!
We were well outpointed!  
I turned to attack the First Order fighters, and Blue 2 diced to do a shorter turn. 
 The First Order fighters decided to spread out to attack from multiple vectors.
Off they went... 
Epsilon Leader got a long ranged shot at me! 
He diced one hit, but my 2+1 for long range green dice meant Poe evaded.
We had managed to get target locks on the nearest 2 ties. We opted to continue our turns to go nose to nose with the enemy. 
 I moved first, and got a shot at Epsilon leader. 
The Tie easily avoided my fire! 
Epsilon leader flew right past Poe, not getting a shot. 
Blue 2 got a shot at an Omicron pilot, but it evaded too!
 The other Omicron squadron Tie moved and shot me at point blank range...
(Blue 2 was cross based with his enemy, so no shooting!)
3 Hits, I got zilch on my defence dice! I lost all 3 shields!
 New turn, I tried a new manoeuvre, a Talon turn... 
... to get me on a point blank shot at Blue 2's enemy! 
1 hit, 1 evade...we are doomed!
Blue 2 moved to attack the Zeta Tie... 
Guess what...MISSED AGAIN! 
 After all moves, this is how things stood...
I moved first again... 
...and missed again.
 Omicron 4 did a Kiogran turn and took a long ranged shot at me.
Damn! - that was close! 
 Omicron 6 got a long shot at Blue 2...
 ...another close shave!
 This is how the turn ended. No more shooting. 
I flew straight at Epsilon leader and fired... 
At last! I blew off his single shield!
Blue 2 fired at Omicron 4... 
...and missed (sigh!) 
Being in a position to leave, I decided it was wise to do so! 
We hadn't got any damage on the Ties, but I settled for a draw, and got away to fight again!

I had a good game, and the solo rules seemed to be quite challenging. Blue 2 got away completely intact, shields and all! Maybe I should have played Blue 2 and let the solo system run Poe! 

I will have to try it again using the rules correctly! It should be interesting!!

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