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Saturday 29 October 2016

Wingin' it!

Ah, well, the best laid plans.....

This week we were supposed to be playing Colonial skirmish, but Lawrence's car broke down! I was asked to pack some planes, so.....

Our first game was just with Phil and myself against 2 solo run Albatros DVa's.

The Albartri
 I ran a Sopwith 1 1/2 strutter...
 Phil used another...
 We began moving slightly closer together, so as to get concentrated fire.
The Albatros pilots just headed straight for us! 
We passed at speed, Phil and the other Albatros  took a couple of points damage, but me and my opponent were undamaged.
Phil took the advantage of having a rear gunner to pummel the black tail. 
My rear gunner missed green tail. 
As we all turned, poor Phil got engine damage, and a jammed forward gun! 
Our rear gunners hit green tail again. 
Phil now got a jam in his rear gun! 
I closed with black tail... 
...mt rear gunner jammed, but had hit the Boche! 
Green tail turned and caught Phil... 
...Game over! 

Left by myself against 2 pretty intact Albatri, I made for home!

Lawrence had now arrived, so our second game was against a 2-seater Albatros, and a couple of Fokker DR1's
 We all flew American Nieuport Ni 28's, I had No 10, Phil No 16, and Lawrence No 12.
 We began heading straight ahead together...
...Then Lawrence turned right!
Phil and I stayed together going round the back of the German formation. 
The Germans turned as one... 
Phil got a fleeting shot at the green triplane. 
Phil had equally bad luck against the Albatros. 
We all had to weave to avoid each other! 
Lawrence was having a quiet fly, away from the action! 
 I got shot at by the German rear gunner, who missed.
 (Overview at this point)
The Americans moved to re-engage. 
Lawrence and Green matched damage. 
 I was turning to engage The Red Baron!
 I caused a little damage on him.
 Phil hit the Albatros, but was in turn unable to turn in the next order phase!!!
 Lawrence jammed, going after the Green Fokker.
 I got very much the worst of my fight with the Baron!
The Albatros chased Phil... 
He managed to Immelmann and win the fight. 
Lawrence approached the Baron.
Lawrence was set afire!
 I was wondering who to help?
Lawrence took more fire damage. 
 Phil and I both went to fight the Baron too.
 The Green DR1 came to cover his back, and engaged Phil.
 The Albatros was well out of the action.
 ...More fire damage... doesn't the A deck have low damage numbers?
 The Albatros tried to hit the smoking plane.
Phil tried to hit green. 
Lawrence was now getting attention from the Albatros rear gunner! 
Phil and I were skirmishing with the triplanes. 
 We got free and tried to help Lawrence, who was hit again in the engine...
Poor Lawrence went down in flames!
 With both our planes badly damaged, (and the Fokkers being virtually undamaged)- Phil and I decided to disengage, and cede the game to the Germans again!

In a third game, we pitted 3 Camels against 2 Pfaltz fighters and an Albatros DVa, I managed to bag a Pfaltz, and Lawrence the Albatros, so at least we got a little revenge!

We all enjoyed the day though, so were all winners!

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