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Sunday 7 August 2016

Trying to get the better of a Fokker

Yesterday, while my mates were at Claymore in Edinburgh -and the club is off during August, I had a solo game at home.
I have been reading a book about 'Black September' in 1917, and the massacre of Allied planes by the Fokker DVII's of the Deutsche Luftstreitkräfte. In our previous club games, the DVII is a very tough opponent, so I thought I would try using just SE5a's - a historical opponent.
So let's see what happened....
I took the lead ship. my wingies were on either side, run by the solo system.
Our opponents, 3 Fokker DVII's, all run solo.
The scenario, 3 Fokkers bounce a patrol of SE5a's.
Dice! all the same for the Boche, so they all turn right in formation to go round our rear.
I turned left, paralleled by Red SE5, Green turned directly towards the Fokkers.
His move paid off, but only with a single point of damage.
The Fokkers were turning to engage, as we tried to pick on Sachsenberg's Yellow plane.
Our numbers only meant we got in each other's way though, and the German escaped!
As the other 2 Germans turned to engage, 'Red' SE got a great shot in on the Blue Fokker (Oliver Freiherr von Beaulieu-Marconnay).
We then began to separate.
Clear air at last...
Sachsenberg turned to attack 'Green', but I managed to intercept him for SERIOUS damage!
I then turned on Beaulieu-Marconnay, but my guns jammed!
The other SE's were having difficulty 'getting a bead' on Sachsenberg.
Lt Kandt, in his red and white plane was sweeping behind the British.
The Germans were regrouping...
... I was evading contact while I cleared my guns!
We all took a breather!
' Green' got sandwiched between 2 Fokkers.
'Red' was away on a wide jaunt...
...as was I - still clearing my guns!
Soon, there were 3 Germans against my wingmen.
I, now with cleared guns, tried to re-engage.
I got on the tail of Beaulieu-Marconnay, with a small hit.
Yay, take that, pal!
Beaulieu-Marconnay was tormenting 'Green' rather more effectively!
'Green' was looking rather ropey!

Poor 'Red' was shaking 2 Fokkers off his tail!
Beaulieu-Marconnay was half destroyed...
Sachsenberg was much the same after our initial combat round.
Kandt was hardly damaged.
Poor 'Red' was taking damage from the pursuing Germans.
I was still chasing Beaulieu-Marconnay, but not hitting!
Beaulieu-Marconnay shook me off, and turned to join his friends.
We were still waiting for the first 'Bang' card!
Once again, the Fokkers began wheeling to the attack again.
My wingmen were turning onto their tail, while I Immelmanned to face them.
I was lucky not to get splashed!
I Immelmanned again to chase the red Fokker, but Sachsenberg got on my tail and hit my engine! (A pity solo planes don't count non-lethal damage!)
I needed help! Where are you guys?
I still managed to stick on Kandt's tail, but Sachsenberg was still on mine!
'Red' was coming to clear my tail though!
With a sticky engine and jammed rudder, I sideslipped left to try and evade Sachsenberg.
'Red' arrived!
'Green' was coming too! Saved!
That Fokker is still on my 6!
With no advantage in speed, I turned sharply to try and shake him.
I now had to evade Kandt!
Red was sparring with Beaulieu-Marconnay
...Then turned back to cover my wounded bird!
I had evaded Kandt, fortunately.
With Red in support, I turned back to the attack.
'Red' got there first!
Kandt took the hit.
Sachsenberg was heading for 'Green'.
'Green' was now facing the other 2 Germans.

I turned to attack Kandt... 
...who swung in on me!
Curse you 'Red Baron' ! - I was toast!
My hit on Kandt....
...meant I did not crash alone!
Just solo planes now...
'Red' was getting sandwiched!
His speed saved him!
Both sides turned to re-engage.
The Germans were together, would this tell?
'Red' caught Sachsenberg.
Both pairs crossed close to each other.
The damaged German planes made good their escape...
...as did the British!
Honours even, I think!

I am still working on the best way of fighting these cursed Fokkers!...

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