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Saturday, 18 June 2016

Air war in the Alps

Today, we had a few people not with a game on, so I got the WW1 planes out again! I had just finished repaints on some Hanriot HD1's and Fokker DVIIs, so I was happy to get them up in the air!

My new Hanriots, repainted from their gaudy paint jobs which were introduced from February 1918, to their aluminium dope paint. They had their squadron number on their fuselage sides and upper wings. As this made them virtually identical, I made each plane from a different squadron for each model, so I could tell who was who!
 Underneath, they had the national colours, they must have really been afraid of getting shot at by their own anti aircraft fire! 
The Austrians, being flown by my solo system were  3 Aviatiks and an Albatros DII escorting a UFAG C1. 
One of Ares' lovely Aviatiks 
I started them in this formation. 
 The players put their Hanriots in a broad line abreast. 

Alex (No 74) advanced with Rod (No 78)-on his left.
Mine (No 71) moved to follow Lawrence (76). 
 The Austrians continued on unperturbed, though the poor old Albatros was getting caught up by an Aviatic!
 Soon, however, the Ufag, an Aviatic and Albatros soon turned to engage the advancing Hanriots.
Lawrence banked left to engage the Ufag. 
Rod turned to follow the Austrians 
Lawrence traded fire with the Ufag, but his guns jammed! 
Alex got the best of an engagement with the Albatros. 
Lawrence and I were harassing the Ufag. 
 Alex, having passed the Albatros now fired ineffectually at the Ufag. 
 Finally, the other 2 Aviatiks turned to protect the Ufag.
 ..whose rear gunner was still firing wildly at any Italian in reach!
 Lawrence, having now cleared his guns turned and engaged a new Aviatik, but his guns jammed again!
 (An overview at this time)
Alex took some damage as he tried to turn on another Aviatik. 
 Rod joined the battle with a great shot at long range.
Unfortunately, we lost Alex to the Albatros! 
Poor Alex, he now took command of the Albatros which had got him!
Rod was chasing the Aviatik he had hit before. 
Another Aviatik (we called it Speckled hen after its paint job!) - jumped Rod, causing serious damage! 
All the other planes tried to join in this fur-ball! 
 Soon, everyone was shooting.... 
 ...everyone else!
 The Ufag, which had disengaged, now rejoined the battle.
The fight was heating up! The pretty Aviatik was chasing Rod's Hanriot...
 ...which Immelmanned to face his pursuer...
 ...sending it down in flames! 
 Alex's Albatros was being chased by Rod, but got hit by the brown hull Aviatik.
 Rod stayed on the Albatros...
 ...it, too, went crashing to earth! - Poor Alex got the undamaged Ufag to fly!
 Lawrence and I were moving to help Rod, who had another Aviatik on his tail.
The Aviatik Immelmanned and gave Lawrence a bloody nose! 
I was lucky only to get light damage. 
I was well set to evade now though... 
...I turned and got on the Aviatik's tail!  
 Rod joined me chasing it...
...then I got a lucky shot on the other Aviatik coming to its rescue. 
I lost it as it turned sharp right. 
 I tried to follow, while keeping away from the Ufag's fire. Rod got a lucky escape from the Ufag's rear gunners shooting!
Where was Lawrence? Being badly shot up, he exited the table. 
 I tried to escape the Ufag.
I went to close on 'Brown hull' Aviatik, but took damage from the Ufag. Rod was closer to the Aviatik... 
 ...and down it went!
 The surviving Ufag and Aviatik now made their escape, we had won!

The second game involved my newest models, Fokker DVII's!
 Lovely models!
Lawrence had a Camel, Rod a Spad XIII, Alex and I, SE5a's. 
Alex, agin, went to face them head on, I sideslipped to join Lawrence again! 
Whoo -- Scarey! 
Last one to the bag of sweets is a cissy! 
 As I banked towards the Germans, 2 Fokkers turned to meet me.
I got into position to shoot Hermann Goering!..my guns jammed! 
Alex, having passed the Germans safely, now Immelmanned, I flew straight on trying to clear my gun stoppages! 
Lawrence had circled away from the Germans. 
The Germans seemed to have stopped for tactical discussions?! 
Lawrence's Camel now turned to attack. 
...as did Rod's new Spad. 
Alex tried to engage the milling Fokkers but the pink one hit him in the engine.  
 Lawrence was greeted by 2 Fokkers!
 I Immelmanned to face Hermann, but we both missed!
 Rod's Spad was moving to help Lawrence.
The Fokkers tried to shake him off their tails. 
 Rod seemed happy to let them go!
The Fokkers tried to turn and engage him... 
 ...but Rod re-engaged!
 The Blue Fokker Immelmanned and engaged him.
I had joined Rod but the 2 Fokkers bypassed us. 
 Rod and the Yellow Fokker traded blows.
 We passed it and moved onto the blue Fokker.
 Lawrence and Alex were keeping the other 2 Fokkers engaged.
 The Camel got a lucky firing angle...
 The pink Fokker was a flamer!
 Rod and I were closing on Blue
Blue bypassed us! 
 Everyone Immelmanned, and moved to re-engage. 
 Blue got a smashing blow on Rod, whose Spad was beginning to look ropey! 
 I Immelmanned again, hit Blue, but got hit by Yellow!
The 3 remaining Fokkers now rounded on my SE5a. 
...Though Yellow went after Rod's damaged Spad. 
Lawrence tried to help as Rod took more damage. 
I, meanwhile was fencing with Blue. 
 As Lawrence tried to help, Rod Immelmanned and damaged the Yellow Fokker.
 The Blue Fokker was out-manoeuvering me!
...was getting annoying!
Hermann tried to join Yellow, as the Allies disengaged to reform.
 Yellow now decided his tail was clear! 
 Alex caught it as it turned though.
 ..but missed!
Hermann Immelmanned to engage Lawrence's Camel. 
Meanwhile...I was still trying to get a shot at Blue! 
The wily Camel got a hit on Yellow. 
I finally got a hit...and Jammed again! 
At this point, we had to finish due to time, but were glad to disengage, the Fokker DVII is not a plane to be trifled with!

Fun games both, and Rod had a stunningly good day, especially in the first game! Well done!


  1. Rod was a beast in the first game indeed.. Second game; learnt something new; don't fear damaged engines, use it! All in all; great fun as usual!

    And; "Sweets!" Those Haribos managed to sneak into 13 photos..

    1. Thanks Alex, I think we all enjoy flying these old kites! - I am only sorry you got shot down a couple of times, though at least it gave you an opportunity to try different aircraft types?!

    2. Yeah that was a plus side.. Flying that two-seater was quite an experience; I'll definitely be giving the Hannover CL.IIIA a try vs the solo system; although the low damage output is quite scary.. Lots of 0s!

      The SE5A; I found it difficult to control -- Too much speed, too little turning! I feel right at home with the Fokker Dr.1!

    3. The SE is indeed a thoroughbred! and needs careful handling. The Sopwith Camel is better to learn on for late war allied planes. The Dr1 is a favourite of mine too, after the DVII!