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Saturday, 13 June 2015

The Durham show 2015

Today, no club, due to the annual pilgrimage to the Durham wargames open day show. This is one show I never miss as its close, and despite its small size always has loads to see, good traders, and the Durham lads are all friendly and helpful!

So, on with a photo journal of the day...

(As usual, I was most interested in the traders, so expect a lot of pics of what they were selling!!!!)

The way in from the main road in Gilesgate (Durham), to the Vane Tempest hall, where the show is held.
...Through the courtyard...
The friendly welcoming committee!
Inside the hall, my first port of call -- Colonel Bill's
 They had some nice little displays...
...and what I was after, 4Ground buildings! 
Legion des Etrangers, anyone?
 I always like looking at Medieval armies!
 (sorry about the blur!) .. Tumbling Dice, of course! 
 ...they had a nice display of Langton Miniatures lovely Napoleonic ships!
Ian (centre), Steve (left), and Rod.  From our club!
 Old Glory had a pretty 18th Century game on. 
 I like Horse and Musket battles! 
 ..and nice model buildings!
 This nice chap at Northumbria Games got most of my money today, I just had to get more Sails of Glory ships for my growing fleets!
 Irregular Miniatures stand, I always rummage through their boxes for interesting items, Animals, ladders, wheels, etc etc.
 They had some nice figures too!
 Games of War, they always catch my eye with their sci-fi items...
 ...and their little boats!
Terrain always begs me to buy it....
....but having just bought a new roof for my house, I had to desist from buying much today! 
 Lawrence, another of my friends from the club!
 Grahams Wuerkshoppe
...and Graham, of course! 
Lots of Gothic loveliness!
Midlam Miniatures always have a good selection of Sci-Fi games.
Amongst other stuff! - very friendly!
Eagle Miniatures, a fairly new firm, makes some lovely 7-years war figures.
Lawrence seemed interested!
Another of my 'Must See's' -- Dave Thomas, who have a fabulous selection of plastic 28mm figures!
..Though today, sadly, not the ones I wanted!
They also have a massive selection of Perry metal miniatures too!
Next, Pendraken. They have the best 10mm figures going, and a great range!
Another friendly firm!
Another game, Redcar Ironbeards.
Simple, but effective display.
Durham wargames own display game, the attack on La Haye Saint at Waterloo! -- there had to be a Waterloo game, it being 5 days till the 200th anniversary!
I took lots of pictures of this game as IMO it was the best display!
Yep, Reiver castings!
More very nice figures!
Worley books...
...lots of good, cheap books!
Pendraken were also demonstrating their new Warband Fantasy rules. 
Rod and Ian again, on their way to the Bring and Buy - as usual, this was in the separate bowls pavilion!
Jimi, another from our club was there taking the sun ..cloud!
Inside, Grimsby Wargames Society.
Doing a Zulu Civil War game.
Using a set of rules I hadn't seen before,Victorian Steel.
Redcoats on the march...
Giraffes!---made me want to do another Safari game!
Finally, the bring and buy, I spent the last of my pennies here on a book!
There were a lot of books today to look through.
..as well as the odd selections
Jimi, still outside. Looks like I will soon have another Norman ally/enemy!

It was a good show again, it always is. I spent my full allowance easily. and met lots of friends and acquaintances.
I was very glad to see Andy McMaster again, the link to his blog report is on the right of this blog!

Finally, a very big thank you to all at Durham Wargames for all their hard work and the traders, of course, it was appreciated!

Looking forward to next year...


  1. Thanks for the photos! Looks like a very enjoyable way to spend the day!

  2. Lots of good pictures there. And nice to see you too!

  3. Thanks Rodger! - amazingly, I was out of the show in little over an hour! - so in time for the sunny afternoon we had. Going to shows like Durham are high points of my wargaming year, yes, I know, sad but true!