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Sunday 28 July 2013

Stargate 4: Deus ex Machina

Yesterday, (the last game at the club before the August break) we got the Stargate figures out again for another scenario...

At Stargate command, an unscheduled incoming wormhole brings General George Hammond and SG-1 to the Control room.
They wait.. finally, Walter brings their attention to a screen, where some text is being translated. It reads
                   (This repeats with a Stargate address alongside)
Hammond quickly convenes a meeting, and a M.A.L.P. is sent, it sees a gold statue in front of the D.H.D. - but can detect nothing else apart from some ruins in the distance.
Based on these findings, Hammond authorises a mission to investigate, SG-1 are indeed sent, Earth's best! , but Hammond sends SG-3 along as backup.

SG-1 - or at least the players who would be representing them!
Left (with the appropriate t-shirt)..Ian, playing Sam Carter.
Next, Gareth, who would be playing Daniel Jackson.
Next, Phil, playing Col Jack O'Neill, and finally....
Mark, a new player at our club, playing Teal'c

Lawrence, out of picture, would run SG-3
On P4N177, a wormhole opens.... 
 SG-3 arrive and cut to the right. 
 SG-1 secure the other side of the gate, while Daniel and Sam look at the statue.
  The statue says 'Hurry, get Robots to help', and after 1 repeat it becomes inert.
 SG-3 rapidly moves to outflank the ruins. 
Sam and Daniel probe cautiously towards the ruins. 
 SG-3 climbs a last rise...
 The ruins look deserted. SG-1 reaches the front of the ruins too but sees nothing.
Teal'c and O'Neill move in but see nothing but long deserted buildings.  
 Sam and Daniel clear the other side of the ruins.
SG-3 report they have seen a flash of metal behind the last ruined house.
 Tael'c and O'Neill go forward to look. 4 stooping 10" robots stand in a randomly facing group. 
Sam and Daniel scan the robots, only a faint electrical emanation is detected. 
 O'Neill, having failed to activate them by shouting, hits one with his hand and immediately collapses!
The rest of SG-1 runs over to check on him. he is in a coma, but breathing slowly and steadily.
The robot starts to jerkily move, and indicates O'Neill may be in the machine! 
 Daniel tests the theory....
 As the rest of SG-l collapse, the 4 robots begin to move out!
SG-3 are eventually contacted by robot-Carter, who has figured how to do it. She finds SG-3 are cautiously watching a mass of Serpent Guards arrive through the Stargate.
Passing the inert statue, the Jaffa secure the gate and move towards the ruins.
They are well equipped! 4 heavy cannon accompany them! 
Robot-Daniel and Robot-Carter move behind a rock and are attacked by a foward scouting party of Jaffa which immediately attack the robots.
Robot-Daniel has a leg hit and loses his normal vision -- now only seeing in Infra-red and immobile, he fights on bravely! 
 As the Jaffa lose men steadily, Robot-Daniel loses another leg! - Robot carter, although hit, suffers no appreciable damage.
 Soon, however, the robots are left simply 'making sure' of the wounded enemy!
 The last of the Serpent Guards through, and the First Prime, the gate de-activates.
 SG-3 watches as the 4 robots spread about around the advancing Jaffa.
 Robot-Carter stays hidden with the immobile Robot-Daniel.
 SG-3, helpfully tries to hit the Jaffa heavy cannons, that might worry the robots
,At this range they only wound one of the crew..and make themselves visible!
 Robot Teal'c fires his plasma cannon!
 One of the Prime's men is killed. A Jaffa Heavy cannon shoots at SG-3...
 A good shot, their leader wounded, SG-3 retreat from this superior firepower! 
 Robot O'Neill waits as some Jaffa move into his fire-line unaware!
He has an assault cannon! - Jaffa fall in a hail of exploding shells!
Robot-Carter, aware her ammo is running out close assaults the nearest Jaffa. 
Even immobile, and nearly blind, Robot-daniel is holding his own, but his Gatling hand ammo is running low as well, and no reloads seem available! 
Robot-Teal'c joins Robot-O'Neill combine fire on the hapless Jaffa. 
Out of ammo, Robot-Daniel has to watch as Robot-Carter keeps the Jaffa off! 
Shooting with her right arm, and crushing with her left, Robot-Carter makes mincemeat of the Jaffa who fall like nine-pins!
Robot O'Neill is hit by the Jaffa, and loses his targetting system. 
Robot Teal'c is still shooting well! 
 Robot-Carter is on to her next group of luckless Jaffa... 
Some of her previous victims are falling back to the Stargate! 
 Robot-Carter chases the fleeing enemy remorselessly.
 Robot-Teal'c - his weapons battery having failed runs round and seizes a Heavy Cannon, and begins killing the others! Robot-O'Neill charges the First primes bodyguards.
..But Robot-Carter reaches him first and crushes his head like an over-ripe grape! 
 The remaining bodyguard fight bravely round the body of their leader... 
 ...but the battle is clearly lost!
 A Jaffa manages to dial home.
Robot-O'Neill blasts another Jaffa Heavy cannon crewman amidst the rout! 
 Robot-Teal'c grabs his new weapon and shoots at the third enemy cannon.
 Robot-O'Neill casually turns and clears the DHD! - the robots move on!
 Robot-Teal'c takes out the last enemy cannon! he has been shot at twice by his targets but is moving too fast to be hit, apparently!
A last rearguard of Jaffa have a last try at killing Robot-Carter...
Splat- bang! 
 Crunch...Dakka Dakka Dakka..
 As the last Jaffa head for the gate, Robot-O'Neill uses the last of his ammo and kills 2.
Robot-Daniel discovered an Auto-Repair system, and after 6 turns (and some lucky dice!) he finally got active and moved from behind his rock, carrying a captured staff-weapon and....
 As the last Jaffa dives through the gate, the robots automatically walk back to their start position, and are guided by their pilots to touch their sleeping bodies... 
 (Robot-Daniel, of course, first tries to touch sleeping O'Neill for devilment, but nothing happened! - obviously not designed by Ma'chello!!)
They leave the robots as they found them, The last member of SG-3 who had been guarding the inert bodies protesting loudly that none of the bodies had been molested in their absence!

As they recover the rest of SG-3, and move to the gate home, the statue says
'Return soon!'

So, what was the reason for this? - on their way back, a disabled Jaffa told Teal'c that this was a test for new Jaffa of Heru'er, you survive, you are accepted into his guard.

The robots initally numbered 12, and defended a village (which was destroyed many years ago)

Only the automated defence system remains....

If you are interested....

The Jaffa figures are mostly old Eureka miniatures (not available now)
The Stargate,Jaffa Cannon and First Prime are from Cold war Miniatures (NB this is a temporary page at present, but a googlesearch will find it!)
The robots are from Ground Zero Games
The SG teams are only available now from Eureka Miniatures

Sorry its a long post. Ed.


  1. Wow - fantastic models and terrain. The SG-3 model is very cool - love the picture of it activated. Best, Dean

  2. Love your SG games!
    Very close now to getting my own up and running and may try your rules :)
    What range are the SG teams? There are no pics on the GZG site so I can't track them down.

    1. Hi Mark, I see GZG have stopped selling these, I think they are originally Eureka too, their website is http://eurekamin.com.au/index.php?cPath=87_126_179&sort=3a

  3. Thats great thanks - I think these are available via Fighting 15s in the UK.

  4. I enjoyed reading about your game. I will have to have a go.