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Sunday 23 September 2012

Samurai - into the mincer!

This week, we were going to do a Samurai skirmish using Ian's newly painted armoured Samurai....but he is unwell (get well soon!) .. so we did another Ikko-Ikki attack on a Samurai defended village!

As usual, the Ikko-Ikki were run by one of my solo systems...

The battle was really four battles, as the Ikko Ikki were attacking from multiple directions...the loss of any meaning the loss of the village.
As per normal, a visiting player, Gareth, randomly got the overall command of the Samurai forces!

Our leader deployed the other players to defend against attack from any likely direction!

My force faced three groups of Ikko Ikki, peasants, spearmen and archers.
 ..and even more peasants!
 Lawrence was defending a bridge against Warrior Monks and arquebusiers.
 On the far side of the village, out of sight of the defenders, another group massed!
Phil was defending against a weak force of peasants and arquebusiers... 
 and from a different direction by a mass of warrior monks!
 Gareth, our stalwart leader, was faced by a large group of angry peasants.

 The action began with an attack on Lawrences men at the bridge... 
 An exposed unit of spearmen were hit!
 The supporting YamaBushi, meanwhile,  swept towards the bridge
..and were stopped by a volley of musketry!
..before being charged by Lawrences Ashigaru!
The battle was desperately fought...
But eventually the Ashigaru prevailed.

On the far side of the village, our leader, Gareth, decided to shoot the peasants opposite..
A few peasants were hit.
This prompted the peasants to attack, they were met by the Samurai!
A bitter struggle ensued, with hordes of peasants trying to overwhelm their 3 brave opponents!
It was like feeding meat into a mincer!

On my front, Ikko-Ikki peasants attacked..and suffered loss from shooting.
 They bravely forged on and attacked their tormentors!
 ..and were in turn attacked by my Ashigaru spearmen.
..and in time they broke and fled.
My other spearmen countered another group of peasants..

Phil was met by probing peasantry, who his missile troops halted.
 Repeated attacks failed to make headway.

 Gareth was unable to support his 3 heroes, as he was fighting armoured spearmen.
 He ordered me to help him, I sent 4 Naginata-men who turned this battle in our favour.
  This loss of strength in my line left me vulnerable to the Ikko-Ikki command group..

Phil, meanwhile, supported by Gareth, faced a large warrior monk attack..
 The fearsome monks were more than holding their own!

 Back on my front, the Ikko-Ikki commander and his Retinue bravely attacked, but were shot at from the flank by Lawrences men inside a house. 
 At this point, my Arquebusiers luckily managed to shoot the Ikko Ikki commander!

 The nearby Ikko-Ikki, dismayed, broke and fled, and as the news spread, the other attacks halted and dispersed. 
So what of the unseen rear attack? 
The Ikko Ikki bravely forged accross the river.
They surged up the other bank.. 
 They cut a swath, through the marshland...Oh! - too late!

Fun game but at times very touch and go!


  1. Samurai eye candy and a good read, nice one sir!

  2. Great looking game - nice figures and a lot of action going on. Best, Dean