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Tuesday, 19 April 2011

Death or Glory!

Today (16th April 2011) We did a Colonial Skirmish game!

The Idea behind this one is very much in the 'Boy's Own' style of story....

Dick Bentley and Lawrence Sutherland, two minor functionaries in the Cape Colony colonial administration, have heard rumours of hidden treasure in a secluded part of the former Xhosa kingdom.
With little prospect of fame or promotion in their current positions, and a great deal of spare time, they quietly set about raising a small force of Zanzibari mercenaries and porters to help, and set out in search of an atifact which supposedly would give long life to anyone brave enough to use it--the fabled Kalari kunter....

The treasure supposedly lay in a temple at Dhietree at the head of the Intayk river...
We join our heroes as they catch sight of their objective, Bentley leading with half-a-dozen Askaris, while Sutherland and his Askaris followed, escorting the Porters.
Bentley lead his men cautiously to reconnoitre the way to the secret temple
The way ahead seemed clear of hostile natives....
...So Sutherland led his cowering porters forward.
Bentley lead his men across the stream and into cover behind a knoll.
They immediately spotted a large group of natives in the wood ahead, supported by archers, and opened fire!
The native bowmen replied, wounding Bentley and an Askari...
Bentley advised Sutherland to move round the flank of the hostiles....

...While his brave Askaris poured a merciless fire into the enemy with their Martini-Henries..
The native spearmen eventually fell back deeper into the wood...
..leaving the Askaris to shoot down the irritating archers!

...Who eventually fled!
Sutherlands party moved slowly down stream....

The native spearmen eventually charged to the edge of the wood again but were stopped by fire from both parties.....
...which eventually broke them, and the survivors fled back into the wood.
Bravely (or foolishly) Bentley pursued the routing natives, hoping to cover Sutherland's porters advance.

Bentley soon became aware of another enemy group on his right in the wood...
...and fired on them. The natives seemed stunned!
...and soon casualties began to mount...
Sutherlands men began to slip round the flank of these natives...
 ..only to be charged by several of them. Sutherland killed a native but lost an Askari...
 ..Sutherland fell back from the native attack and drove the natives off with fire.
At this point another body of natives appeared in the next wood, but did nothing.
But back in the wood, Bentley advanced and was charged by the natives. Bentley died with a spear in his chest!
The native who killed Bentley tried to strip the body, but was shot by an Askari!
Bentley's surviving Askaris began to fall back, and Sutherland followed. Having lost his friend, and surrounded by hostile natives, he thought it prudent to withdraw, though he managed to recover Bentley for a decent Christian burial!
As they withdrew, the High Priest of the temple rejoiced! - the white devils would not reap the benefits of the kalari Kunter, the Gods would be pleased!

Bentley: Richard     Sutherland: Lawrence

Rules: Our own Colonial skirmish rules, available at Link


  1. Good report, good figures and scenery, good outcome?

  2. Correct outcome! - we needed more askaris!
    At least it gives us the chance of a refight!

  3. Great stuff. Poor old Bently...will he get a decent burial?? When´s part two up??

  4. Great batrep and nice pics. Why not have a little fun with resurrecting Bentley ala Quatermain? Or perhaps Bentley only appeared dead because the natives used a rare paralytic poison which only made him appear dead, however he came to while laid out in state, causing a considerable commotion among the mourners. :) Can you tell I hate to kill off characters?