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Sunday 20 February 2011

1917 campaign game (Wings of War)

Today, we were going to the third and final installment of Einars escape from justice, but my estwhile ally, Ian, was not well, so...

Wings of War!

This gives us the opportunity to advance our campaign characters somewhat, or get them riddled with bullets!

The Campaign rules generated a game we had done before, where a player (Lawrence this time) gets to swap his beloved SE5a for a DH4. He is detailed to fly straight and level across a marker indicating the position of a German Artillery position, and take pictures (during a slow straight manoeuvre).
Phil and me were to fly our SE5a s as escort.
(As usual, the opposition were randomly generated, and run by my Solo system.)

...Coming from the other side were 3 Fokker DR1s...

Both SEs moved forward to engage...

...The DR1s kept a tight formation, closing with the DH4..

My SE (painted as J McCuddens SE - with a large '6' on the upper wing), moved ahead and to the left to try and draw off the Fokkers away from the DH4. Phils SE (Painted as Rhys-Davies - with a large 'I' on the upper wing), stayed a little behind and to the right of the DH4 acting as close defence.

It soon became clear that the Fokkers would reach the target first....

..but my SE drew off Voss's Triplane, so the DH only had to face 2!

However, to our surprise, The DH4 swung round and away from the target!

..while in a dazzling display of sideslipping my SE hit Voss in flank for 5 pts damage!

Meanwhile, Rhys-Davies moved to outflank the other 2 triplanes...

..but he turned too soon!-and got hit for a point!

The triplanes then attempted to support each other, neatly avoiding the 3 SEs.

Seeing the melee tying down the Fokkers, the DH4 turned again and headed for the target.

Over the target the SEs and DH1s engaged in a swirling melee, each attempting to turn tighter than their opponents!

Rhys-davies got an inneffective long range shot...

..which did not prevent 2 Fokkers combining in an attack on the DH4 causing 5 damage!

The DHs front gun answered in kind for a lucky 3 points on Voss! 

In the next turn the aggressive DH4 got effective shots on 2 Fokkers who found themselves out of position!

Rhys-Davies, having outpaced his pursuers, swooped in for a further 5 damage on one of the DR1s...

..but could not keep up his good shooting. the DH was shooting little better...

..but managed to get his picture!

At last, McCudden got into position to attack in support of Rhys-Davies!...

..and followed up into Voss's blue tripe, which took more damage in the exchange!

The DH4 swooped away looking for all the world like a Klingon bird of prey, his mission done!-he took a lot of damage from Voss's DR1as he withdrew however!
..The SEs on the other hand, decided to stay around for a little glory!

Voss tried to keep a bead on the DH4...

...but was shot at (ineffectually) from the DHs rear gunner

...and soon began to be outrun.

Rhys-Davies was still engaged with the other 2 Fokkers.

..supported by McCudden.

Voss vainly tried to catch up with the DH

Rhys-Davies had a Fokker on his tail but managed to avoid damage...

McCudden engaged the other one...

Rhys-Davies got his guns on Voss and sent him down in flames!

..while McCudden hammered at another, jamming his guns in the process!

Rhys-Davies tried to cover but failed to 'Get a bead'

When McCudden got his guns back, a wide sweep allowed some bad long range shooting!

..then joined Rhys-Davies in a 'furball'!

..where their combined fire downed a second DR1!

The remaining Fokker made good his escape and the RFC retired across the lines for Tea - or perhaps a stiff brandy!!!

The game gave our characters a good boost - but in a follow up game (a ground attack scenario) poor Phil got shot down by Archie fire and captured.

All in all it was a good day, enjoyed by all!

Players:  Lawrence and Phil and me.

Campaign and Solo rules available (and several others!) free at: http://tynesidewargames.co.uk/downloads.html

Hope you enjoyed this AAR, and like the rules enough to use them!!!

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