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Saturday, 9 July 2016

Mustered at the Parade Ground!

Today, while the other members of our club were happily gaming, I fulfilled a promise and went to a new show at Stockton (Muster at the Parade Ground) to do a photo report.
The show tried a new tack - no demonstration games! - instead, all the games were participation. Winners got a raffle ticket which could win them a nice prize!
A good number of traders and re-enactors were also present.

I wasn't alone, though, as I met Lawrence (From our club) and his lovely wife Rowena

I will break this report into sections. First....

The Participation games:

Cozzmic Cakes had their usual, and entertaining, kill something and get a cake game, but this year they had a PacMan (SnackMan?) game on too!
A 32 mm Sci-Fi game from SLA industries. 
Atmospheric ruins! 
1:2000 scale Halo Fleet Battle by Spartan Games. 

My favourite game today is this one... 

Guisborough Gamers Colonial Sudan game
Ah, Highlanders! 

The figures were terrific looking. 

Zero fighters against Vought Corsairs and P40's !!! 
 Private Soldiers had a Romans v Ancient British force game (the original Brexit?)
 The seething hordes!
The ordered lines of Imperial Rome!
 Durham Raiders had a Wild West game using 'Dead Man's Hand.

 A game by Redcar ironbeards, X-Wing!
A lovely game of 'A Very British Civil war' by Sally 4th. 
 Lovely terrain!

Next up, Redcar Ironbeards again, with a 'Dad's Army game. 

 Leeds Wargames club had a Battle of Britain game on.

Including OS maps! 

 The Pit Gaming shop had a 'Team Yankee' game going.

 Minimalist wargaming? 
A rather cute game involving toy bears! 
 The Yorkshire Renegades had a nice looking Batman game.

...and a Chicago Gangster game. 
Very nice looking game again! 

Next - The Re-enactors...

For those of you wanting accurate colours for 1980's British...Forces 80.

And now for something completely different, Rent a Peasant with a demo of everyday life in Shakespeare's time! 
 A nice lady dressed for the occasion! 
She seemed very knowledgeable about the period!
..and provided a demonstration of twining wool.
The Durham Pals had their nice period equipment out again.
 New to me, the 13th Century re-enactors.
Riveted mail, a mace, sword and Kettle helm.
They had a display on later of the Arming process for a 13th Century knight. 

And last, but not least, The Traders:

Ah, one of my favourites, Northumbria games. Their Sails of Glory models were attracting a lot of attention! 
 Where I spent some cash, the Wings of Glory stand! That Zeppelin Straachen model kept saying 'Buy me!' - but I managed to only get 4 smaller planes!
The nice proprietor! 
Ah, if I only had the cash! 

Worley books 
 I forgot to check for a book on Fokker DVII's here --Rats!
Halifax Modellers World... 
 ...lots of nice plastic kits!
Midlam Miniatures. 
Lots of X-Wing here, amongst much else. 
 Four A Miniatures...Fantasy, if you can't tell!
Leven miniatures, everything you could possibly need for 6mm gaming terrain! 

Games of War 
I need one of those ships, really I do! 
I settled for a pack of Asteroids for X-Wing, after all, you can never have enough! 
Victorian Toy Soldier. 
 Lots of nice scenery and bases.
 The poor lady sorting the raffle!
 MTFG hobbies

To me, rather oddly, at a wargames show, model railways! - from Cleveland Model Railways club! 
Lovely models, mind you. 
I think it called to the small boy in all of us! 
The Bring and Buy!
David Lancaster Books 
I forgot to look here too! 
 The Pit gaming shop
 Lesley's bits box...
...and KR Multicases. 
 Colonel Bill's! I got some 4Ground bits from here, but was tempted by much more!

Warlord games...
Lots of nice 28mm WW2, I had to refrain and save my cash for...
Hoka Hey games!
I got a lot of these nice buildings for my Anglo Saxons and Border Reivers!
I couldn't afford some of these lovely hovels...
...or any more figures, though!
Along with Northumbria, Hoka Hey get my vote for best traders at the show today!
Wargames etc
Sally 4th
Some lovely evocative ruins...

Pete's bases
Very nice.
PE2 collectables
Lots of discounted items - a pity I don't need any today, but its good to drool...
Dave's wargames, some nice laser cut stuff here.
Eagle figures.
Their ever growing range of nice figures!

Mighty Lancer games
Some cracking good T-Shirts!

Rapier miniatures

IPMS Cleveland, I recognise this huge ship - Galactica!
Bugs! Starship troopers, Yay!
...and one of the troopers ships too! - Fabulous models!

Cozzmic Cakes, and their PacMan game!

I left the show at about 1.30, and it seemed then that the crowds of earlier had largely dispersed...
...There seemed to be more traders and Demo Gamers than punters!
I hope it didn't stay so quiet!

I enjoyed the show, and managed to spend all my budgeted cash, which is always a good sign!
I would have liked to have played in a couple of games, but when I went to them, they were mid game, and I didn't fancy queuing!
A small niggle, but I think having a game start at set times throughout the day would have suited me, and I suspect others, a bit better.

Overall though, this show was very well run and had been well organised.
I wish to thank the organisers, traders, and Gamers running the Participation games, they all obviously gave their all today for us punters, and I thank them for all their hard work...it showed!

If this show is on again next year, count me in!


  1. Thanks I enjoyed that ramble. Good idea to put it in sections and a nice support of the traders.

    The Hammerhead show is totally participation games (no demo) and it seems to be doing them the world of good, though surprising to see that this show emptied out so early in the day. Was there good seating to just take 10 minutes out every now and then?

    1. In the hall, there was no seating, but you could go to the rest rooms or reception area for a lounge!
      It seemed an interesting idea doing just participation games, though a lot more work and stress for the game runners I expect!

    2. Many thanks Richard, Was great to see you and thanks for your custom and kind words. Enjoy your items and look forward to seeing you soon. Kindest regards Alan & Ann (Hoka Hey Wargaming and Timeline Miniatures)

    3. Thanks to you Alan! I love the figures and buildings I got from you and it all cost less than I expected!!!
      I will return!

    4. My pleasure too !! I will let you know when my own resin buildings for the Borders are ready to be released. Hopefully for BritCon. Cheers again.

  2. Great pics and show report :)

    1. Thanks Tamsin! I still envy you being able to go to those big southern shows!

  3. Great pictures . I did not see all of those games as we running the Sudan one. Glad you liked it.

    1. Thanks! I still think your game was 'Best in Show', so very well done!

  4. Great photos and some cool games!

  5. Good objective report and the added bonus that you didn't get me in any photos!
    I took my wife to her first show and I was a bit disappointed that there were no Demo games, it would have been nice for her to see a 1000 or so nicely painted Napoleonics at the march attack!

    1. Thanks Steve! I, too, like a good Demo game with lovely terrain and figures!

  6. A super report and great photos. May I have your permission to use some of them on our show Facebook page (www.facebook.com/motpg12016) and website (www.facebook.com/motpg12016)? Tom and I had hoped for more visitors as we were raising money for the Royal British Legion but it was not to be - after seeing your photos I suspect many wargamers will regret not attending the show. You even managed to get me in one of your photos - as I was sinking the carrier in the Westerhope game! I have one complaint regarding your photos - no photo of the Tombola Stand and the superb prizes donated by the traders and others.

    1. I am very happy for you to use any pictures you wish! Sadly, I must have missed the Tombola stand...or its one of the pictures that didn't come out (4 out of 135!)
      Thanks very much for hosting this excellent show, I hope its on again next year? - I promise to get the Tombola stand!

    2. You are a gentleman. I would like to make use of all 131 photos either on our Show Facebook page, our website or just for my personal record. Could you possible e-mail a link to me at dclemmet@btinternet.com so I can access the photos all at once rather than downloading them one by one from your blog. Thanks in advance.

  7. As always; great pictures! That sure looked like a good show.. Have fun constructing those 4ground buildings!

    1. Cheers Alex! - Actually, I didnt get 4Ground (much)- the buildings are Timeline, cheaper and not painted, but what I needed!