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Saturday 23 July 2016

Albatros, lovely Albatros!

Today, before anyone had arrived for our first try of 'Combat Patrol', I got a few planes out for a quick game of Wings of Glory.
I had brought down some Albatros DVa's for the Germans, and a couple of Sopwith Camels to work alongside a plane I hadn't used before, a Sopwith Triplane.

My 'Tripe' on the right, supported by 2 solo run Camels.
Facing us, 3 solo run Albatroses.  
 They advanced across the table toward us in good formation.
Amazingly, to me at least, even though my Triplane manoeuvred like a Fokker Dr1, it was able to keep pace with the Camels!
We raced towards each other, who would blink? (Incidentally, Alex had turned up and now took control of the light blue Albatros!) 
I sideslipped left to avoid Alex and we ended up in the centre with 3 planes in the same place! 
My left hand Camel  won the first shoot against the black tail Albatros.
Alex 'Immelmanned' while the other 2 Albatrosses flew on.
 I used my sharp right turn to catch Alex...
...Although he damaged a Camel,  I seriously damaged his plane.
Alex caught one of the Camels as they turned right. 
  He caused surprisingly little damage (Solo planes do not count special damage) - and took no damage from the other Camel's deflection shot.
 Alex and I both 'Immelmanned' and crossed each others path.
 The other 2 Albatrosses were making...
...a leisurely turn back to the main battle, in formation! 
 Alex, facing 3 allied planes, weaved out to join them.
 One of the pursuing Camels got shot at by 'Black tail'.
No one seemed able to hit! 
Even my Triplane was shooting blanks! 
Black tail was chasing a Camel, and was now being chased himself by the other Camel. 
As the Albatros turned, he was caught. 
 I was still fencing with Alex.
 I joined the Camel chasing Black tail.
The other Camel was chasing Alex and Stripey tail Albatros.
My Triplane was tormenting black tail. 
 Black tail managed to shake me and attack a Camel.
 My Tripe managed to get back on his tail.
 Evading Alex, I stayed there.
 Dang! Another miss.
Alex and Stripey (Now commanded by Phil, who had arrived!), turned to face the 2 Camels. 
 The Albatros was making a sharp turn to port to evade me, and I hit him.
 Alex began tangling with a Camel.
 Phil managed to take the opportunity to get on the tail of a Camel.
Black tail managed to shake me again. 
 ...and moved to support the other Alb's
 Phil especially, and Black tail got good hits on both Camels.
 I combined with the Camel facing Black Tail...
The previously lightly damaged Camel fell in flames, but so did Black tail! 
At this point, with one Camel left (3 damage points left) and my undamaged Triplane left the table, as the likelihood of winning was now nil!

Good game, and great fun. I love the Sopwith Triplane!


  1. Whilst that title doesn't win the internet, I think I can offer you a nice bronze replica. Well done! :)

    1. Thanks! The post title obviously comes from one of my favourite 'Monty Python' sketches https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Z_u7VGiMO0U !!