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Saturday 16 July 2016

Airing my Fokkers!

Sounds dreadful, doesn't it!

Simply said, after our coastal forces game - we had time for another Wings of Glory game!

I had brought my Fokker DVII's and we decided to run a game against them to the finish, to give them a good test using my solo system.

The Boche! Pretty, and deadly!
 Opposite, Alex had a Spad XIII
 Lawrence had a Nieuport 23
Phil used a Bristol Fighter... 
 ..and I had a Nieuport 28
Phil began by turning onto the flank of the advancing DVII's 
Alex flew past the other side...no one seemed keen to take on these kites nose to nose!
The Fokkers mostly turned to take on Lawrence's Nieuport. 
Only one came after me and Phil. 
Lawrence's single machine gun failed to hit the Yellow Fokker, but he was set afire by Starck's Fokker from the flank. 
(Overview at this point) 
Alex turned in to engage, but the Fokkers were away! 
Lawrence and I were having similar problems! 
 As we turned back to support Lawrence, the blue Fokker turned quickly to follow us. 
Soon, we were preparing for another pass with our 3 Fokkers. 
We closed.... 
...Starck was coming too! 
Lots of planes fired as we passed, 3 damage seemed the order of the day! 
...Starck was still closing... 
Phil (BrisFit) and I (NI28) managed to bracket the yellow Fokker. 
 We did well!
The BrisFit rear gunner jammed shooting the yellow Fokker as he passed. 
We all began to pair off with an opponent. 
...but Lawrence got the Yellow Fokker on his tail as he tried to engage Starck. 
We all missed! - and my guns jammed! 
We separated to...check our ammunition!  
 Alex's Spad got bounced by the blue Fokker...
 9 damage!
He managed to stay behind Starck and caused 5 damage himself! 
..Then another 4 - though Starck hit Phil's BrisFit for 4 as well. 
 The Blue and Yellow Fokkers (Oliver Marconnay and Sachsenberg) had got detached, and now moved to 'Immelmann) 
 I was fencing with the Red Fokker (Lt Kandt).
 Starck's Fokker was tying the other allied planes in knots!
 I left the Red Fokker to rejoin them.
 Alex now went to face the 2 returning Fokkers.
 He got bracketed between Starck and Sachsenberg...
Alex survived...just! 
 I was facing off Kandt's Fokker again.
Lawrence got a good position as Sachsensberg turned, but caused no damage.
 We all fired, this had to be seen to be believed!
Kandt hit the BrisFit. 
 As the Brisfit sideslipped, its rear gunner sent Kandt...
 ...Down in Flames! (I had hit Marconnay for 3 too, but who cared?!)
 Lawrence faced the Yellow Fokker, and lost out badly...
 ..his plane just fell to pieces!
 The Fokker then moved onto Alex's flank...
 ...sending him down as well!
Phil and I just made our escape now! The Fokkers had won!

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