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Saturday, 14 September 2019

Return to the ACW

Its been...quite a while...since we did ACW skirmish at the club!

Rhys wanted to try it, so that was all the excuse we needed. Randomly, Lawrence got command of the Union, and I got command of the Confederates. Lawrence had Phil as second in command, and I got Rhys.
We set up a terrain, and as it was Rhys's first go, decided to do a half company sized action, with 2 forces probing to locate each other.

The terrain, the forces would start on either end of the long road.
Phil lead his men along the road.... 
...as did I. 
Rhys followed me. 
 Neither side could see each other, so we wandered on blindly!
 Phil's Feds hopped over the fence, while Lawrence continued up the road.
I lead the Rebel column off the road - unsure of whether to  line the fences, or the edge of the woods.
 I directed Rhys to follow me.
My officer kept the distant blue-bellies in sight as he directed his men towards the tree line. 
 Rhys formed up on my right on the wood edge, and we awaited the arrival of 'Those People' 
I hated giving the Feds the initiative, but it seemed the prudent thing to do. 
Phil decided to take the hill opposite our wood, and Lawrence took the rest of the Feds around our flank. 
 Phil waited patiently behind the hill, while the rest of the Union force got into position.
 The Union main force continued alongside the road, what were they up to?
Eventually, their aim became clear, as they continued past my wooded position. 
I directed Rhys to move towards Lawrence before they got into an enfilading position on him. 
Alerted by a drum beat, Phil put half his line on the hill top and fired. 
Amazingly, their fire went high, and only one of Rhys' men was hit and killed. 
 Lawrence placed a dozen men on the fence opposite Rhys...
...their fire was more effective!
Undiminished, the Virginians formed up on the fence line and returned fire. 
A very good volley tore into the Fed line. 
My men also fired on Phil's men on the hill... 
...despite the longer range I hit a couple. 
 Rhys had more men...
...Lawrence's force took heavy casualties, but the Pennsylvania boys held their position.
Phil changed target and fired at my men... 
...however, apart from hitting several trees, his fire failed to hit any of my men! 
Once reloaded, my men fired another volley. 
...more Feds were hit. 
Rhys continued to hold... 
...despite the arrival of Lawrence's second group on his flank. 
Rhys continued engaging...
 ...the ragged group to his front, who refused to flee! 
 However, another volley from my men sent most of Phil's men skedaddling...despite their officer's protestations! 
The Federal forces decided to call it a day and withdraw, as they were now outnumbered nearly 2:1. The luck was definitely with the Rebels today!

Saturday, 7 September 2019

Border Reiver 2019

Today, we started the Autumn Campaigning season as usual with a trip to Gateshead International Stadium for the annual Border Reiver show.

Sadly, another show, Colours, had shifted the date of their show to today, so it clashed with this show, so some traders were absent as they were at the other show - but this didn't stop me spending my budget!

First - The Traders!

Reiver castings, obviously!!! 

War HQ 
Lots of Warlord games figures - some of which I hadn't seen before! 

Graham's Wuerkkshoppe, with the ebullient Graham!  
 S an A scenics, I got another desert cloth, some of their lovely hills, and a cobbled road from here!

I have seen this stall before... 
 ...lots of lovely enameled badges!

Hadrians Hobbies.  

 Ainsty Castings!

Our club were there in force, here Paul and Ian! 
 Empires at War, these were the only non Warlord plastic figure sellers at BR.


 Lots of lovely MDF buildings. I was taken with the Americana range, which would look great in a Zombie game, methinks!

 Irregular miniatures, they have an increasing range of rather nice figures.

Ah, this must be Warlord games! 

Rhys, from our club, with one of his friends, Jack. (Who will be joining us for ACW skirmish next week!)
 There was a chap with some lovely looking Napoleonics.

The redoubtable Pendraken! 

B and B Hobbies

The ever friendly Hoka Hey miniatures!
They have a nice range of evocative terrain, very nice!

I got some replacement Border Reivers from here, on the right sized horses!
1525 miniatures

With a nice Reiver!
Ah Laser Cut Architect! I got some more buildings and walkways here!

Yeh, Games of War.
Lovely range of boats and buildings.

 I often largely ignore the 'Bring and Buy' tables at shows, but not today! 

There was a lovely display of reproduction Medieval arms and armour. 

The Games:

Contemptable Little Wargames club: D'erlon's attack at Waterloo.

This was definitely the most eye catching game of the day!

 Andrew Wylie, In her Majesties name Gothic Horror game.
John Blenkey's 'Always Above' variant of WW1 Wings of Glory.
 Very pretty terrain!
 More members of our club turned up! ---Hi Lawrence! 
Whitby Wargames club: Battle of Toulouse 1814.  

 Our friends from Westerhope Wargames club...
...put on a splendid Anglo-Zulu war game. 
The display of artifacts was magnificent! 

That Matini-Henry was HEAVY! 

 Redcar Ironbeards, with their attractive WW2 Wings of Glory game.

 Finally, our club (Tyneside Wargames club) refighting the entire eastern front! 
It was a sort of huge board game with figures! 

 (The Russian losses after a couple of turns!!!)

Loved the croupier movement poles! 
So! That was it for another year!

I would like to thank the organisers, Traders and participants for putting on another excellent show!

For another view of the show you can see it on this BLOG