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Thursday, 31 October 2013

Halloween pumpkins!

Today at work, the Radiographers at the RVI had a Halloween pumpkin competition!
There were some remarkable carvings on offer...



  1. I like them. The one with the ghost carved into it..does it light up? I mean, does light Show through when there´s a candle inside?

    1. It should do. I carved a stiched scar in the side of mine (only cutting through the skin not all the way through) and it showed up good with a candle inside.

    2. Hi Paul! - The Ghost one would only show light round the lid rim, the lass who did this pumpkin simply carved the orange skin away, leaving the pulp visible!
      There were little candles provided for 'contestants' but I think it was too light in the staff room to use them!