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Saturday 5 October 2013

WW1 Spearhead, Russian front!

Today we did another WW1 Spearhead game. This time we did a Russian attack on a German force half their size!
The Germans were all reliable regulars and veterans, the Russians, on the other hand were an unknown quantity, a dice would decide the quality of their units as they engaged!
Would the dice be kind?
The first setup, the Russians are along the left table edge in this picture.
The main German force, defending the vital railhead. Dave commanding!
 Gareth was in charge of the force on the front ridge between the 2 fort-lets and on the ridge behind. I took temporary command of the brigade on the left, tasked with protecting the flank of the front ridge force.
 In the centre, a lighter force under Dave's command.
 The first move..some Cossack scouts skirmishing with my cavalry scouts.
 Gareth led a force forward to protect the right of the fort-line. 
 The main German forces advanced to woods and hills facing the advancing Russians.
The Russian left advanced to attack them. 
 In the centre, massed Russian infantry (Ian's command) advanced on the entrenched Germans.
My force pushed the Russian scouts back. 
I could not prevent the Russians assaulting and taking one of the forts. 
 Gareth failed also in his attempt  to save the other fort.
A mass of Russians crossed a hill to attack the rail-head defenders. 
Dave's reserves stood ready to support the front line.  
The Russians fell in droves attacking the German trenches. 
 My force lost 2 companies of infantry advancing on the Russians by the fort. 
The Russians were breaking into the trenches, and occupied the ruined fort. 
Dave's lines minced the Russian force attacking them.  

Poor Lawrence was left picking up the pieces of his shattered division.
 Only a single brigade remained.
My men, now halted, began to destroy the Russians to their front with a mix of Machine guns and 105mm guns. 
A Russian cavalry division arrived to support their infantry. Commanded by Phil.
The Russian infantry had taken the trenches, and now had 3 brigades of cavalry supporting them ...
 The cavalry, though, failed to move, and lost valuable time.
 My German cavalry division had arrived, and moved to engage the Russian horse.
My infantry, what remained of it, continued to  hold the Russian infantry.
 The German infantry and artillery had decimated the Russians who had taken the trenches.
 My Cavalry slowly advanced, under Russian artillery fire.
 The great cavalry battle loomed! 
 The Russians advanced off the hills..
 My cavalry and Gareth's infantry engaged them!
All along the line, the German cavalry beat their Russian opponents. 
Gareth's men drove off the Cossacks facing them. 
 Back on Lawrence and Dave's side, more Russian infantry met Dave's advancing Germans. 
 The great cavalry battle continued, a Russian cavalry counter-attack destroyed some German squadrons....
 ..but the weakened Russian regiments broke and ran. 
 My infantry got attacked by more Russian horse..who broke before a mass of German rifle, machine gun and artillery!
My cavalry supported Dave's infantry as they assaulted a fort. 
 They succeeded! - and the Russian infantry on the trench line broke and ran.
Dave's infantry was pushing back the division facing him as well.

The battle ended at this point, the Russians had very little left, and withdrew. A German victory!

The Russians were handicapped by the massive fire-power the Germans could produce, and the fact that their quality dice gave them a large number of 'Green' units!

I think it was a generally fun game despite these things though!  


  1. Good report.. enjoyed reading it. What delayed the advance of the Russian cavalry? Were they requiring an order change?


    1. Hi Robin! - the poor Russian cavalry were meant as a reserve, and had been given hold orders! - as you correctly surmised, they had a run of poor dice on their 'Change orders' rolls!
      It was definitely a poor dice day for the Russian Imperial army!

  2. Aha.. remember that if they are in reserve (i.e. they have reserve orders) you don't need to roll to give them their first command arrow.

    The figures look great. Keep up the good work!!


  3. Very nice report, the armies are really impressive!