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Saturday, 1 June 2019

The Bear and the Eagle

Today, we had another 7 Years war game at the club, this time using my Russians against an Austro/Reichs army.
Rhys, in only his second game, was to join my Russians, while Phil joined Lawrence commanding the Hapsburg forces.

My wing, the Russian left.
 Rhys (on my right) had better infantry and less cavalry than me.
Facing Rhys, Lawrence had an Austrian contingent. 
 Phil had the Reichsarmee again, to face my wing.
 First turn: I managed to get my Kalmyks probing the Reichsarmee positions.
 Rhys got his horse - most of it, marching to the right to extend our line. He got a brigade of his infantry moving in their support too.
My wing, and one of Rhys's infantry brigades were slow in getting their orders! 
The Hapsburg cavalry began deploying to prevent my lights going round their flanks.  
 The rest of my horse finally got moving!
 My infantry descended from the hill. 
 Rhys got his final brigade moving to circumnavigate the wood.
 They were to line up with the rest of his infantry.
His cavalry finished deploying to face the Austrian cavalry. 
 My Kalmyks were now making thing difficult for the Reichs Kavalrie.
 The Serbski hussars moved to support them.
 Rhys now had his cavalry advancing on Austrian regiment Bretlach.
 He was getting a good line formed at the rear.
On my wing, the Reichs Kavalrie was pushing my Kalmyks back. 
Phil got his infantry, and Blau Wurtzburg, keen to do better than their last outing, leading. 
 On Rhys's wing Rgt Bretlach failed to charge!
 Rhys returned the favour, his dragoons and Kuirassiers remained in position!
On my wing, the Reichs troops readied themselves to charge my Light horse.
I brought my Cuirassiers up in support. 
 My infantry halted, awaiting the result on the cavalry wing.
Rhys, too, brought his infantry up to support his horse. 
My Kalmyks evaded, but I ordered the Hussars to stand to contest the steep hill. They refused - and routed!
 I returned to peppering the enemy cavalry with arrows.
 Rgt Bretlach charged Rhys's Cuirassiers, who put up a good fight...
...before breaking in rout too! 
Bretlach contacted the dragoons who had retreated earlier, during their pursuit...these retreated through their supporting infantry. 
My Kalmyks were still harassing the Reichs Kavalrie.  
 My Cuirassiers now charged 2 other regiments, supported by my artillery...The disordered Germans were broken!
 My infantry were attacked by the Reichs Infanterie.
 Bretlach, meanwhile was involved in fighting Russian infantry.
 They were charged by another regiment of Rhys's Cuirassiers, who routed them.
Lawrence tried to get a regiment of dragoons to charge Rhys's gun, but they thought better of it!
 Rhys sent a regiment of his infantry against the Austrian infantry...
...but they fell back in disorder very quickly!
I had driven off Blau Wurtzburg, but Phil's second line hit my men hard. 
 My men rallied behind the second line.
As we ran out of time, and the sun set, we declared the game a draw!, neither side had any particular advantage.
At least my Russians proved a tougher opponent than in their last outing! LINK


  1. So much for your Serbskiy boys salvaging the honour of the regiment after mine were routed on Monday!

    Nice report and pics :)

    1. Cheers Tamsin! I was sooo embarrassed at their poor performance!--at least they live to fight again!

  2. At least your Russians are making progress!

    1. Thanks Jonathan! I only have 2 battalions of the Observation corps left to paint now...Though OG15 do a nice Shuvalov howitzer...Hmmm?

  3. Lovely looking game, a pity about certain regiments!

    1. Thanks! - I think our games are cursed! Bretlach, The Serbski Hussars and Blau Wurtzburg all signally failed to perform...again! Only the regiment Hesse-Darmstadt fought on against hordes of Russians without breaking! Heroes to a man!

  4. As normal a very good looking game!
    Thanks for posting.
    Not sure I'm into this era's actions where both sides line up and go forward, looking forward to trying an AWI action where its not so 'regimented' (pardon the expression)!

    1. I wrote the rules specifically to allow the more irregular battles of the AWI, so with a few scenario rules tacked on they should work quite nicely.
      I would love to refight White Plains, myself!!!