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Saturday, 15 June 2019

In the Queen's name.

Today, we had a Colonial skirmish game at our club.
The scenario involved a company of British regulars attacking a fortified village held by a Slaver and his band of soldiers.

The village and surrounding terrain.
 Another view...
 The forces of the Crown. Phil (The Sergeant Major) lead, Lawrence (the Lieutenant) behind him, and I (The senior Lieutenant)-was unwillingly in command, with the last group and a small reserve.
The defenders took up their positions. 
 Phil sent 3 scouts ahead of his main body.
 These found no opposition - so Phil directed his men to sneak along the raised sides of a dried up stream bed, to take up their allotted start position.
Lawrence advanced his men in open order, a slightly odd choice as they were not advancing in the open! - I followed on in more orthodox formation! 
Phil's men crept past the village, his men had spotted the lookouts, but the lookouts must have been asleep! 
'Keep yer 'eads down lads!' 
Lawrence's men crossed the river bed... 
...my force following.  
Phil continued on past the sleeping lookouts. 
Lawrence's men, still in open order, crossed the hill. 
 I had brought the reserve in to join my section.
 Phil had almost made it to his assigned position when...
 One of the lookouts stirred, and kicking his companions awake, raised the alarm!
 Muskets cracked!
 The last man in Phil's line took a lucky round to the head and fell dead.
The Regulars turned into line, and returned fire. 
Despite the cover afforded by the adobe building roofs, several of the defenders were hit by the accurate Martini-Henry fire of the British!
I directed Lawrence to form up, leaving room in the centre for my contingent. 
My men increased the pace to join the firing line. 
 Another of Phil's men was fatally wounded.
 Lawrence began to add his fire to Phil's.
My reserves advanced till they could see the enemy, then...
  ...stopped near the hill to add some more fire. 
Casualties amongst the defenders facing Phil were increasing! 
 Those facing Lawrence were in better shape...
...One of Lawrence's men fell.
Lawrence returned fire, wounding several of their tormentors. 
 My men now formed line and joined in, supporting Phil.
 The British fire soon overwhelmed the defenders facing him...
 ...some of them broke and ran! 
 Some of the men facing Lawrence also retreated from their exposed positions.
Our steady line continued to pour fire into the buildings opposite. 
 The last defenders facing Phil bravely continued to hold their ground...
 ...but a last volley...
 ...destroyed them!
 I directed Phil to support my assault on the village.
 My men stepped forward.
 The enemy had fled from the rooftops!
 My reserves crossed to support me, but the Commissary officer with them fell to a Jezail rifle! 
 Some Afghan mercenaries on the front of the village had spotted them.
 Lawrence's men and the reserve returned fire, effectively...
...though this did stop my reserve advancing! 
Lawrence was soon engaging the enemy again... 
 ...as more warriors took up firing positions on the roof of the corner building.
My resr=erve were pinned down by Jezail fire... 
...so couldn't support my men at the base of the wall, who luckily only had a couple of casualties. 
 Another Jezail shot killed the Medical officer with the reserve...
 ...and wounded another man.
 As the enemy leaned over the roof walling to shoot at my men, they fell to my rapid fire, and Lawrence's steady volleys.
 The few survivors broke and ran as well.
 Some other warriors moved from the far side of the village.
 The Afghans were trying to reach my men...
...who filtered down the front of the village toward the gates.
The Afghans were taking casualties... 
 ...and scuttled down into the compound.
 My men had forced the gates, but a round from the compound killed the first man through...
( Hmm, this sounds like something I remember!
Ahem! - back to the action!

My men surged through the gate, shooting several of the defenders.
The Arabs counter charged, killing 2 of my men. 
As more of my men entered I slowly managed to get the ascendancy. 
Lawrence, meanwhile, had marched past the gateway battle, and prepared to enter over an undefended wall. 
Some of the Arabs fled, scattered by short range fire. 
Some others fled with them! 
 Lawrence had crossed the wall and formed a firing line in time to shoot...
...the Slaver Amir, whose surprised bodyguard had been moving to reinforce their men at the gates. 
The Emir realised the game was up, and sued for peace! 
My men fired a last volley at a last musket unit...  
 ...the survivors also surrendered.
So ended the battle, and a hard one it was too, my men in the compound almost got wiped out, only being saved by my reserves forming a firing line!

We had lost 17 dead, and a few more wounded, so it was a costly victory, Arab losses were very heavy.

God bless the Queen!


  1. Hurrah for the Redcoats! Nice pics and report :)

    1. Cheers Tamsin!- strangely, attacking the village was less stressful than facing hundreds of Zulus!

  2. Great AAR! Good looking tabletop.
    I wish I was as dedicated as you when it comes to taking pics for AAR's!

    1. Thanks Captain! - I do forget to take pictures in the heat of a game at times, but my friends do remind me when I do, most times!