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Saturday, 8 June 2019

Durham Wargames show 2019

Today was the annual Durham Wargames show!
Its a local show I always like to support, and first things first, I really want to thank the club and the traders, as well as those who put on games- Well done!

It was a wet and windy day! Unfortunately the normal entrance was blocked off, and we had to enter via the cricket pavilion, then go to the rear entrance of the main hall - it was a good thing I had been before as the entrance was hidden behind some parked vans, and there were no signs...!

Never mind! It was worth finding!
 I am not sure who these folk were...? South of the Wall miniatures?
 ...but if you wanted a fancy dice bag...
 ...This nice lady was happy to help!
 Who seemed to be doing brisk business...
...had their usual stock of lovely figures (and odds and ends) 

I am always tempted by their lovely wooden ships! 
 ...they stock lots of other goodies too of course!
My friend, Lawrence, was, I think, also tempted. 
Tantobie Warfare and Tactical society: 15mm Marlburian game. 
...I am not into 1/300, but these figures are nice! 
Colonel Bill's, always a good place to visit! 
They always have a nice display of lovely figures! 

 Not sure who these were (? Tumbling Dice?)...
... I got some more 20mm tanks from here at a very good price! 
The SSAFA, Armed Forces charity 
 These do sterling work with veterans and their families!
 Graham, of Graham's Wuerkshoppe-- this stall is always worth looking at.

Lasercut Architecture...I spent most of my budget here... 
...on these! I think they will do well for Star Wars skirmishing etc! 
...I invested in a Laser pointer and some dice here...
...another stall worth rummaging through!
Redcar Ironbeards 'Cruel Seas' game. Nice sea effect and models.
Durham Wargames 'Star Wars: Legion' game.
Those tree stumps are very effective!
Something to do with dice: The Tomb of Blood.
Andrew Wylie, who always does a nice job with his participation games!
...Who sell a very eclectic and interesting collection!
Andy McMaster - who was also intrested!

Another old friend...Hoka Hey Wargaming.
I already have a lot of their stuff, and need more!
John Blenkey, from the 3D club in North Shields, chatting with Alan, the proprietor.

Some interesting bits here...
...The friendly lady (Michelle Anderson) running the stall!...
I love browsing racks of nice figures!

One display game really caught my eye, Durham gamers Russian colonial game.

Lots of nice pics to get your interest.

Unusual figures too!
Hordes of Arabic looking cavalry.
The plucky Russians!

The Bring and buy....
...as ever, you can always see something that gets your interest!
A 3mm(!) English Civil War game.

And finally, a small display of ECW Re-enactor items.

...and a nice chap who sold me some more dice!

If you can help confirm the identity of any of the folk I couldn't put a name to, please let me know and I will update the post! -- Thanks!

All I can say is, 'Roll on next year'


  1. Certainly a lot going on at this show!

  2. Nice little show, pity it's just a little bit too far for a daytrip from Edinburgh.

    1. Yes, just as Falkirk is for me!

    2. The 'friendly lady' is Michelle Anderson of Northumbria Painting Services.

    3. Thanks Jim, I will update the blog!

  3. Hey Richard thanks for the pictures!
    Looks like a good show, nice to have something like this local, is it held in a basketball hall (from the looks of the floor)?
    Good number of traders and games to be had.
    Love the look of the Russian Central Asia table (the Great Game continues!)...

    1. Thanks! The show is in a sort of brick hall, I took a couple of outside pics in 2015 https://herkybird-richardbradley.blogspot.com/2015/06/the-durham-show-2015.html is the link.
      It was a good show this year, and the layout of the show with most games in the cricket pavilion,to give traders more room, worked well!