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Sunday 14 January 2018

The Joys of playtesting part 3 and 4!

Today we - hopefully- finished our playtesting of my new Star Wars skirmish rules!
We tries a difficult scenario twice, to see how the games went when we pushed the system!

I have taken some pics to show how the system works again, just in case you are interested?

We had a hero each, Lawrence had Han Solo, I took Cassian Andor, we had Jyn Odan, Biv Bodrik and Mak Eshka'ray (AKA Sheep in space!).
We tasked ourselves with assassinating an evil officer in a small village! I put down a dozen Portal markers and we were off... 

The village we had to attack. (we were entering behind the hill on the bottom right.)
Our heroes! I took Jyn with me, Mak and Biv went with Han.
As per normal, we issued orders to our characters!
Then went forward at a walk, no need to run...yet!
Han and his men set up on top of a hill...
...While Cassian took Jyn towards the first building.
In this position, we were visible to a portal from the rocks to our left...
...one from a portal behind some cargo containers to our front...
...and another on a hill behind.
Another could spot from a stairwell...
...and one behind the same building.
Add a D6, and consult the chart...4 Stormtroopers appeared at a random portal!
Their fire forced Cassian to Duck back!
Han's force now fired in our support!- ineffectively.
Next turn, Cassian couldn't move or shoot, but I could ask Jyn to get to cover.
With so many portals able to see us, it was no surprise when more bucket heads appeared - amazingly I got a '2' on the dice again, and they appeared behind the first group!
The second group advanced, covered by the first group's shooting. Our return fire managed only to keep a couple of heads down at this long range.
Next turn, another group of Stormies, and another '2'!
I had got my people into cover, trying to stop the increasingly heavy attack...
...Sneaky Stormies! a group appeared on our flank, and pinned Jyn with fire.
Han had been helping against the first group, but Biv got unlucky and slumped down.
Cassian was caught between both groups of enemy...
With a reduction in fire, the Stormtroopers to my front began attacking again.
We were on a hiding to nothing! Bad dice had focused the Imperial attack, so we retired off the table!

It was bad luck, wasn't it? we had time, so set the same scenario up again.
This time, I led the group round the hill, keeping out of sight of most of the portals.
So far, so good!
We still had to cross that open ground though.
Going this route, I was screened from most of the portals. I got lucky with the dice, and wasn't spotted.
I had got within 8" of a visible portal and it fled back to the next point, behind the building. (They can only go to places where there is 'Dead Ground' behind, in which more enemy troops could advance unseen)
Cassian checked the building was secure.
Han, Biv and Mak came to join us.
I moved on to the next building, still not enough portals visible to trigger an appearance by any enemy. 
My plan was to drive enough portals together to generate the officer! (one only appears on a combined score of 11 (No. of portals +1D6)
Our groups rejoined and we began to 'Shepherd' the portals.
This would have to be done carefully!
Cassian drove the counter from the doorway.
Han climbed the hill, from here he could see a lot of terrain!
The Portal on the hill had no suitable place within 12" so vanished!
Jyn now cautiously probed the Portals behind the house.
Cassian went down the other side of the house to stop the portals going there.
Between us, Jyn and I forced the pile of portals behind a warehouse.
With Han's group covering the other side, Cassian pushed the portals behind the last building.
That surely would be enough to get an officer!!?
Cassian drove them behind the first building we had cleared! Cassian had to be visible to do this...
...close! - we got an NCO with a band of Stormies.
Jyn and I pinned this group, but they were rapidly reinforced by...an AT-ST!
Karabast! - we fell back behind the building and prepared our Blaster caps.
Han was still stuck behind the same building.
With all of us out of sight of the Portal-stack, at least no more reinforcements would appear!
We pounced, Jyn lobbed a mine at the AT-ST and hit its leg!
Boom! It took out the walker and several Bucket-heads.
The rest of the Stormies rushed past the wreck and came into a crossfire!
...that stopped them!
We moved in for the kill!
Oh no, another AT-ST appeared!
Cassian and Jyn were lucky, the heavy lasers missed them!
Cassian and Jyn were doing well against its supporting infantry!
Its those dice again! ANOTHER AT-ST!
Covered by Han and Biv, we ran off again, Ah well!
A good day for the Empire! I think we may have used/herded a few too many Portals together, or we needed reinforcements! --It was noticeable not having a Jedi!!!

On a plus, I think this has finished the playtest phase for these rules, I am polishing them up, adding examples of play etc for new concepts, and the like.
I will then ask Andy to put them on our website for you to try yourselves, I hope you will find them as entertaining as we do!

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