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Sunday 21 January 2018


Today, I declared the Star Wars rules I have been working on-- finished!!!

(Edit: You can download and try them at our website link above) 

We did a last game just to check, and it went very well.
The scenario was a small group of Rebels going onto a forest world...Cholganna.
We were tasked with blowing up an Imperial relay and supply base.

(As this is the last test game, I will make an attempt to explain some of the more...unusual rules used in action!)

Lawrence used Han Solo again, with Chewbacca and Gaarkhan.
 I used Diala Passil and Jyn Odan.
 The Imperial base
 We started behind cover, out of sight of any portal markers. We placed our orders. As we led our companions, we did not consult the solo movement rules.
I split off from Han...Wookies smell like old carpet! 
 I moved back to join Han on the wood edge.
We stepped out into the open... 
...A new turn started with us giving our groups 'Move' orders, then we calculated the number of portal markers that could see us. In this case 3. 
As we advanced, we came within 8" of one of the portals, which then had to fall back. We rejected the path marked in red as it would leave the portal out of sight of our party. The blue line placed it in a valid position, with 'Dead space' behind in which troops could advance on us unseen, and covering our likely route to the installation.
 Han and the Wookies forged unseen through the woods...
 Diala led Jyn round the far side of the wood, faster, but equally unseen by any portals.
Going at half speed is slow work! 
Ahead, lay the installation. A portal was in the open in front of it. This is perfectly legal as it was out of sight of our figures. 
Diala bet Han round the wood! 
The portal behind the rock, which we had displaced, was not moved again even though it was within 8" of Gaarkhan, as it was out of sight. 
 Han saw a marker ahead, but coming within 6", it became visible, and was a dummy marker!
 Han caught up with Diala.
 We dashed across the open to the next cover. Han and the Wookies didn't quite make it.
Han spotted a Portal behind the fir tree! It moved back to a wood behind, just within 12" 
 Han decided to follow Diala.
 Jyn looked round the corner...the following turn began as the Portal produced an Imperial Probe Droid, before moving back itself to the Installation.
The Droid began shooting...
...at long range... 
Jyn and Diala threw low on their D8s for being shot at, meaning the droid missed! 
Han and Chewbacca moved out to engage the droid. 
Throwing high on his D8, Chewie ducked back under the droid's shooting.
The droid threw a 1, meaning Han and Chewie missed.
 Diala pushed forward in cover towards the droid.
Chewie finally got himself moving again, and with Han, moved to cover. 
 The droid had fallen back itself, to the cover of the installation.
The Rebels stopped any more enemy appearing by staying out of sight of any portals.
 With no enemy in sight, the droid probed forward looking for them.
 'Brr sqwee par par zzzt'.
Diala moved out of the wood distracting the droid, while Han and Chewie shot at short range.
 Having higher initiative, the Rebels shot before the droid!
Diala's move had put her within 8" of a portal, which went to the far corner of the building, the near side being in sight of Diala, and the crates not having much 'Dead space' behind. We placed our orders, to move.
The Imperials had 4 portals able to see our figures, and the D6 roll added to the number -1 of portals produced 4 Stormtroopers. 
 Diala blocked any portals going round the building while Gaarkhan ran through the Stormies fire! The portals round the corner of the building moved!
...to the back of the building. Still able to see the Wookie, the portals produced another 4 Stormtroopers! 
 Moving first, the Stormies advanced alongside their companions. Gaarkhan and Diala attacked them.
 The troopers facing the Wookie began to get bashed!
Remarkable Die rolls meant the troopers facing Diala  jumped back as she took a swipe at them!
The next turn, the Stormies  attacked Gaarkhan, Diala closed with her 4. 
The Stormies fell back again! Gaarkhan killed the 2 he was fighting! 
Han and Chewie, meanwhile, were moving to mine the buildings. 
The Portals produced a commander and just 2 Stormtroopers. 
The Stormies left facing Gaarkhan tried to retreat away, but the Wookie chased them! 
The other Bucket heads were amusing Diala! 
 The Wookie made short work of his 2.
He then charged back at the enemy commander. The stormies facing Diala began to try and encircle her. 
Jyn faced one of them off. Diala finally got her act together, as she and Gaarkhan killed their opponents!
 More Stormtroopers with an officer now appeared from the Portal stack...
...and began firing!
 Diala and Gaarkhan avoided the fire easily... 
...and attacked! 
The portal stack fell back to the woods, all other routes being covered by Han. 
Gaarkhan again outperformed the Jedi Padawan! 
 Jyn meanwhile, was driving back her lone opponent, incidentally spotting another marker, another dummy!
 The remaining Stormtroopers again fell back avoiding Diala's light sabre.
Han was mining the other building, Chewie  blocked any escape route for the Portal stack but down between 2 woods.
 Diala and Gaarkhan killed their respective enemies.
 Han triggered another group of Stormies after he had ordered Chewie to leave the area.
 Gaarkhan raced off to help Jyn...
Diala 'Force jumped' over him! 
Landing behind the Trooper she...
...dealt him a deadly blow with her Sabre!...leaving a rather frustrated Wookie. 
 Another 4 Bucket heads appeared near to their position.
 Han and Chewie made their escape.
 The 2 groups of Stormtroopers began moving forward to engage the Rebels.
 Diala used the Force...
...and knocked the nearest group over, while she and Jyn made their escape. 
 A Nexu, native to the planet, showed interest!
  As they retreated, Chewie fingered a small device...

That was a fun game! After I got home, I corrected a couple of minor glitches spotted by Lawrence and Jim Koukounaras, who have kindly looked the rules over for me, and now, I believe, have a rule set ready to publish!


  1. Is it possible for you to do video tutorial for your medieval skirmish rules, just to make mechanics easier to understand?

    1. I don't have the facility to do a video tutorial, I may be able to do a picture guide showing what to do when I get the time! I will post it on the blog when its done.

    2. Thanks alot! Looking forward!

    3. Done! Its at this link: http://herkybird-richardbradley.blogspot.co.uk/2018/01/how-to-use-my-sword-and-dagger-medieval.html
      I hopoe its clear enough and answers all your questions!