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Saturday 6 January 2018

The Joys of playtesting, part 2!

Today, I got to try my new Star Wars skirmish rules with my regular playtesters, Phil and Lawrence!

I set up a scenario similar to that in my first game, but trying to rescue 2 droids stuck in a town occupied by Imperials.
Phil got the Jedi I wanted to try out, he chose Obi Wan Kenobi. Lawrence got Han Solo, and I got Chewbacca, we had some rebel troopers to back us up...

We started at the head of the road into town. 
The droids were hiding on a roof of one of the buildings, but which one, we didn't know. 
 I placed about 12 'Portal markers' round the town. As usual, I placed them as I would machine gun nests, with a good field of observation.
 I didn't put many at the back of town, as the Portals would most likely fall back through the town.
 The 2 droids we were looking for!
 After giving our troops orders, we diced for the enemy deployment. In all we had 6 portals able to see us, and we threw high on the D6, which randomly produced a half section of Bucket-heads!
 Our left hand unit had decided to advance, and began searching for the Imperials.
 The rest of us were behind, searching the power station for the missing droids.
 The Stormies were laying down a lot of inaccurate fire from their position...
 ...Han looked over and ducked back from a near miss!
 Our right hand troopers were doing ok against the buckets, forcing 2 to Duck back.
 At the start of the next turn, we got another group of 4 Stormtroopers.
The first group of Stormies now decided to attack! 
Coming under heavy fire, they withdrew, leaving one man pinned. 
On the other side, the 4 Stormies engaged our left hand unit.
 One was wounded and another Ducked back.
 This encouraged the Imperials to advance.
At the power station, Han was stiffening the defence, despite losing a man. 
 2 of the Bucket heads were dead, in return.
Obi-Wan found another group of Stormies trying to outflank Han! - he made short work of the surprised troopers! 
 I had Chewie attack the Stormies on the other side... 
...The lesson? - Don't mess with an angry Wookie! 
Obi-Wan now moved to deal with the Stormies Han had been fighting...
 Then, with a clanking sound, and AT-ST rounded the building on the other side, the Empire was getting serious!
Seeing my men it opened fire... 
Yikes! 2 men killed, the other retreated in haste!
Chewie finished off the Bucket heads - but this now left him vulnerable to the walker's attention! 
 Obi-Wan force jumped onto the AT-ST's roof.
 The portal markers were getting shoved together by all the rebel manoeuvering!
 Obi-Wan, missed by the fire from the Walkers' escorts, jumped onto a nearby roof, leaving the mangled walker in flames. (Incidentally, Obi-Wan was in some danger here, a good die roll from the Buckets could have killed him!)
The Portal on the triangular rise had to move as it was within 8" of the Jedi, the only place it could go to was into the house, as the Wookie could see beyond any nearer cover. 
I had Chewie start policing up the portal markers. 
In process, he found the droids on a nearby building! 
C3PO: 'I say, are you here to rescue us?' 
Obi-Wan jumped down into the walker's escorts... 
 ...again making short work of them.
All those corralled portal markers now produced a sizeable group of Stormies!  
 Han pulled his men back.
Chewbacca: ' Arr grarr ooh naar'
Threepio: 'No, I couldn't possibly get down there! You couldn't catch me!' 
R2D2 'persuaded' him! 
...and safely jetted down beside him! 
 Obi-Wan was dealing with another group of Bucket heads!
 Han, having heard about the rescue of the droids, now beat a retreat!
The Stormtroopers now sallied out after them. 
The leader led another group down towards the droids... 
Chewie turned and fired his crossbow... 
...a trooper fell, and the leader decided to let the rebels retire...they were too far away anyway! 
So ended the game!, a few minor points came out of the playtest, which I have modified in the rulebook and quick ref sheets.

I think the general opinion is now the rules are basically sorted. I would like to try a couple more games to make sure though, particularly refighting a couple of scenarios from the films, to see how they play out.

Jedi might seem over-powerful, but they are still vulnerable to mass, or very short range fire..., a Sith, or an AT-ST!

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