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Saturday, 2 September 2017

Border Reiver 2017

Today we restarted our wargaming activities following the long August break!
The Border Reiver club's annual show was on again in the Gateshead International Stadium's sports hall.
I struggled once again with the yellow lighting, so sorry for the poor picture quality!
I am sorry if I missed anyone, or for any unintentional errors! Just let me know by e-mail (on the top of the blog page) - or as a comment below, and I will correct the post!

An unadjusted picture, showing the golden glow of the sodium lighting!

First....The Traders! 

My first visit was to my friends at Hoka hey wargaming! 
They had a lovely Bastle house model on display, I bought one for my collection! - and some Reiver figures to fight over it! 
 Hoka Hey are expanding their Elizabethan range with some rather lovely Irish figures.
 They also have a nice line in MDF buildings.
Eagle figures have a lovely range of Horse and Musket period figures... 
...They had some on display.
Lesley's bits box 

PE2 Collectables 

Dave, of Dave's wargames! I was tempted by some of their terrain pieces! 
 Oddly, there was a cardboard box full of cheap modern AFV's, it was attracting a lot of attention!
Worley books

 Tumbling dice - of course!

 Not sure who these were? 7TV?

This is where I spent most of my budgeted cash...The Last Valley! 
I got a stone bridge to cross my stream... 
I passed on the lovely florentine-esque buildings!

 I did get a desert road, and some more small features for my desert terrain.
 The proprietor!
Warbases had a lovely sci-fi display... 
 ...as well as their usual display.
This chap walked in front of my shot! Who knew Emperor Palpatine was coming to the show! 
Yes, Colonel Bill's! 
I couldn't afford to spend here, but it was tempting! 

Dave Thomas'... 
 ...I did get a couple of boxes of plastics!

 Warlord games!
Their new Dr Who and Samurai ranges. 

Northumbria painting services. 

They had some nice MDF models on display! 

  Dave Lanchester books.

Reiver castings... 
...who asked me to advertise... 

1st Corps 

Mighty Lancer games 

Ainsty! - I meant to look in here for Star wars terrain! 

 Another must see...Midlam Miniatures!

My Favourite sweets (actually not my cup of tea - just the name of the trader!)
(not sure who these were - sorry) 

The Games!

My own Tyneside Wargames club's lovely seige of Troy game.

 SE Scotland's rather nice 'Battle of Newburn' game

 One of the nice Napoleonic games on...

Redcar Ironbeards desert WW2 game. 

 My vote for best looking game, Harrogate Wargames club's lovely 30 years war participation game!

 ? Whitby wargames club 28mm WW2 game

Section 8's gladiator game... 
...and very esoteric Dropfleet Commander game! 

 Gotta love those models!
 Andrew Paul Willey's Wild west game...
 ...and the well costumed Mr Wiley!

 I got to meet my club buddies, and a fellow blogger!
Hi Pal! 

So, my bag full of goodies, I left the hall to its Golden glow!

I hope the show returns in 2018! - I will be there!

Well done to all the organisers, traders and gamers for putting on another splendid show! -- Thanks!


  1. Thanks for the pictures and commentary, always useful to see what's going on at the smaller, but more realistic local shows.

    1. Thanks Will! I never get the chance to go to the larger shows, so enjoy other's posts on them to see what I am missing!

  2. The show will be back next year and the 5 late trader withdrawals, for various reasons, have all vowed to be back also!

    1. Thanks Mick, all good news! Thanks again for this years show!

  3. Thanks for putting the photos out - enjoyed.

  4. Thanks for this. I was there but only for half an hour so didn't get much chance to do a deep recce of everything there was to see and buy.