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Thursday, 23 February 2017

Playing for a Tie?

Today, I had a game of X-Wing using my new A-Wings. Much has been said on how poor they are (Flying eggshells etc), so I thought I would try them out myself!

(As usual, I commanded a single A-Wing, Green 8, and my wingmen and opposition were run by my solo rules.)

The scenario is that my flight of Green squadron A-Wings has been detailed to engage a hostile force pursuing unknown Rebel sympathisers.

Dropping into normal space, the Rebels spot a Tie fighter moving at high speed...

 ...with 5 more following behind in a gaggle. Our 3 fighters moved to destroy the scout before engaging the main body of the enemy. 
 The Imperial force was substantial...
6 Black squadron Ties, the leader being 'Backstabber', who gets an extra attack dice when shooting from outside the targets own fire arc. 
Our 3 A-Wings were probably not going to have a good day....!!! 
Oh, shields up!  
 Oddly, the scout Tie began a Koiogran turn, probably rejoining his mates to attack us! 
 The main body of Ties closed up.
Green 7 called out: "Dont shoot the scout, Its Spectre 5!" 
'Sabine Wren, huh, that evens the odds a bit!' 
The gaggle of Ties engaged our fighters, Sabine was reckless in going straight through them!
The Ties fired ineffectively,  mostly...
Sabine got a good hit on one of the Ties, and evaded the return fire!
I had lost my 2 shields to 'Backstabber'... 
My fire had damaged a Tie... 
 Sabine had virtually crippled her target! 
 I managed to turn rapidly onto the crippled Tie, the A-Wing seems even more manoeuverable than a Tie!
 I got a Critical hit on it.
Thanks Sabine! 
 I then Koiogran turned to avoid the other Ties...
My speed saved me as I flew back to my wing mates. 
Green 9 got a crushing die roll against another attacking Tie... 
 ..which exploded!, good shooting Green 9!
 The Ties seemed to be trying to hit my damaged fighter.
Sabine got another hit on a Tie! 
The A-Wings followed her in her attack on the last 3 Ties. 
 All 3 A-Wings got shots at Tie 6.
Only one hit - we continued, carefully avoiding hitting the friendly Tie! 
 Both Black squadron Ties were badly damaged now...
... Backstabber was as yet untouched!
We had amazingly taken no further damage! 
 I managed to stay on the Tail of the Tie that Sabine had been wrestling with! 
Only 2 to go! 
The surviving Ties got some distance between themselves and us! 
 Green 7 had a battle with Backstabber, but both missed..
 I managed to get on the flank of the damaged Tie...
 ...one hit...
...was enough!  
We turned against 'Backstabber', I got some long range shots in, but didn't hit. 
 The rest of our fighters struggled to keep up with the high speed pursuit. The Tie Koiogran turned but missed me.
 The Tie then attacked going right through the pursuing fighters, but I had turned sharply, anticipating him and fired!
A critical hit! 
The Tie Koiogran turned again and evaded us, licking his wounds! 
 As we turned to pursue, he turned again to attack!
 He fired at Sabine...
 Her Tie was damaged! She called out on the com: "Hey, you scratched my paintwork! - You'll pay for that!" 
 As he closed, I got a sharp turn in and got a brilliant die roll!
 Backstabber was no more!
Victorious, we escorted Sabine to her 'Ride' home! 
No-one will despise A-Wings now! 

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