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Saturday 4 February 2017

Irish against Vikings, a skirmish!

Today, Frankie asked if he could use his Irish in a a Dark Ages skirmish, Gall-Gaedhil and all!

I had Alex on my side....

Phil (left) used some of Frankie's Vikings, Frankie himself used the Irish.
Alex's force on our left, with Rollo in command.
I took the right. 
I had Ragnarr Loðbrók, with a band of Berserkir.
Alex had put Lagatha with some Shield Maidens in front of his archers. 
 The Irish set up opposite me, Bog Trotters all!
Phil put his Vikings in a surprisingly thin line.
 These Vikings moved first to begin the battle...
...the Irish pushed forward too. 
Rollo advanced to face the enemy Vikings. I just advanced slightly to defend his flank against the Irish. 
The lightly armoured Irish were advancing rapidly. 
The Gall-Gaedhil (Sons of Blood) - advancing.
Phil's archers were being hit by our archery, which focused on them. 
The rest of Phil's Vikings pushed towards Alex. 
 My archers were still shooting at Phil's.
A second one was wounded!
The archers fell back from their exposed position on the knoll.
 Phil's men reached a copse on front of Alex's position. 
The Irish were trying to keep up! the Irish were supposed to be coordinating their attack with Phil's Vikings!.
I made a line to face off the Irish... 
 ...while Ragnarr and the Berserkir attacked Phil's men in the copse. Could I break them before the mass of Irish arrived?
Alex hesitantly advanced towards Phil's Lord and his Huscarles. 
 Alex now put his archers on a hill...
 The skjaldmær (Shield maidens) had gone to join me in the attack on the copse.
Alex's spearmen clashed with the Huscarles. 
Phil's archers found themselves being shot at again! 
Alex had finished moving his bowmen up the hillock. 
My spearmen in front of my archers now attacked the Gall-Gaedhil who threatened my Berserkir's flank. 
Despite being lighter armed than the Irish, they began to win!
My archers were, however, now suffering from Irish javelinmen! 
The Irish were very lucky, their shooting was very effective! 
Rollo had charged in on our left and killed one of Phil's Huscarles. 
All in all, our left seemed to be winning!...
...a group of Phil's men broke and ran...
Hail Lagatha!
Alex now threw 3 maximum 8's in his shooting at this point... !
....Phil's defence dice, though, were even better! Who's side is Thor on today?! 
My spearmen, having taken some javelin casualties, now refused to charge! 
 The Irish advanced, and my spearmen routed!!!! 
Who let the dogs out? 
Phil's lord now rushed out of the wood and killed Rollo with his axe! 
All had suddenly changed! - with one of our leaders down the Vikings lost confidence, and broke off the battle!

It had all been going so well, but Phil managed to hang on in the copse till the Irish arrived, and the unexpected panic of my spearmen when the Irish charged lost it for us!

Back to the ships, lads!!!

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  1. Thanks Alex, I find it easy to tell the story of the games as they sort of...write themselves!