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Saturday, 14 May 2016

X-Wing out again!

Today, Phil and I had a go at X-Wing again, after a long break as others at the club don't like it much!
The pictures are still not great though as my camera cannot cope with the colour contrasts! I tried a blue cloth rather than my usual starfield but it still is only marginally better. Never mind!
We had 2 games, the first was a simple scenario with 4 X-Wings ambushing a patrol of 7 Tie fighters.

Our brave Rebels deployed screened from the advancing Imperial force...
 ... by a small asteroid field.
 The Ties were run by my solo system...
 The Ties continued in their line abreast formation. 
I led the formation with 2 ships on the left, Phil had the 2 right hand ships, we cruised slowly to engage the large enemy formation. 
They continued on, apparently waiting for us to make the first move. 
3 of them broke left to outflank us, so we attacked them. 
 The rest of the Ties now attacked our flank. 
 One of the ties weaved through the asteroid field.
 As we passed each other, a final Tie engaged and shot at one of my X-Wings. 
We managed to bracket one of the Ties and killed it. 
 One of his friends got on the tail of one of our ships and destroyed it at short range.
 We were up against it now!

 I brought my 2 X-Wings together to try and concentrate my fire.
 The Tie fighters were concentrating too!
 Phil's fighter was being chased by a Tie... one of my fighters turned to help...
 The Tie disappeared in a ball of fire. 
 At this point, a new (and welcome!) visitor to our club, Lewis,  arrived, and was given an X-Wing to try out!
 He started behind the asteroids, and put on a full burn to joins us in our desperate fight!
 I managed to get another Tie with a lucky shot!
 Phil was still fighting 3 Ties, while my fighters were dealing with the other 2. Lewis moved to support Phil.
 I was getting the upper hand against my 2. 
 With Lewis's arrival, we began to win...
 The Ties began to fall like flies.
Phil and Lewis combined in destroying a Tie. 
 This left only 2 Ties against the 4 of us...
 ...The survivors scurried back to base!
 That was easy! so, on to a second game!

Lewis went for lunch, and unsure if he would return, Phil had 2 X-Wings and I had one, to allow Phil to donate one to Lewis, should he return!
 Our job was to destroy 2 Tie bombers, who were being escorted by 3 Tie fighters.
 Phil's 2 fighters turned toward the asteroids, I went towards the rear of the Imperial formation. 
 2 Ties and a bomber turned to engage us initially.
I nearly got bracketed but squeezed between them to safety. 
One of Phil's fighters was dodging 3 Imperial craft in my wake... 
...but I got caught by another Tie...there were plenty to go around!
 Phil neatly got into a good firing position with a Koiogran turn
 My own Koiogran turn caught the Tie which had ambushed me!
 This was getting a confusing Fur-ball! 
Phil's 2 fighters now combined... 
They destroyed a Tie which had Koiogran turned to re-engage them... 
Phil now had his 2 fighters together and attacked a bomber...
 ...I was fighting 2 Imperial ships near the asteroids. 
Phil was now engaging the bombers... while I was getting hit by a Tie! 
 He combined to overwhelm one of the bombers.
The Ties had got dispersed, but now raced back to protect the last bomber! 
 It was managing to hold its own against Phil's fighters, until...
...I returned from dodging a Tie in the asteroid field to administer the coup de grace!
The Ties withdrew now, which was as well as One of Phil's, and my X-Wing were down to one damage point left!

Good games though, and great fun!


  1. As always a great commentary! I was hoping the Tie-Fighters would win; I've always loved their look. Alas their aim is as good as a storm trooper's! Congratulations on your victory!

  2. Thanks! - I actually thought the Ties would win game 1...until Lewis arrived at the club needing a game!
    I, too, like the Imperials for their sinister look!