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Saturday, 21 May 2016

Wings over Flanders

Today, our little group decided it was time for another game or two of Wings of War WW1.
As Phil was not yet with us (He was Tai-ing his Chi!)- I ran a quick 1:1 between Alex and Rod, who had forgotten how the game worked. Once Phil arrived, we planned to have Phil on one side, and me on the other, each of us taking one of the inexperienced players 'under our wings'!

In case anyone got shot down, we decided the player would take over one of the German scouts from the solo system- this would stop anyone getting knocked out of the game, we hoped!

As it happened, the other 3 wanted to fly British planes, so I was left with the Huns! -Never mind, I got to fly my very favourite scout.... 

A Fokker DVII!

I used a pair of Pfaltzes run by my solo system
Rod, left, Alex, and Phil discussing tactics! 
 Phil used his Spad XIII
Alex used one of his new Sopwith Snipes. 
 Rod used the plane he used in the trial game, A Bristol Fighter.
 The Germans started grouped, the British...rather less so!
 As the Germans advanced, the greater speed of my Fokker took me slightly forward of the 2 Pfaltzes.
Phil's Spad moved to support Alex's Snipe. 
 Rod's BrisFit stayed loose on their right.
 As the lines met, I swung my Fokker sharp right and got a deflection shot at the Snipe.
 The Snipe turned and won a nose to nose with the Grey Pfaltz.
The BrisFit arrived, and My Fokker 'Immelmanned' to face it...but my guns jammed! 
 My 2 Pfaltzes rounded on the Snipe, setting it on fire.
 Both sides began to disengage, before attacking again.
As they parted one of the Pfaltzes hit the BrisFit, while its rear gunner hit the Grey Pfaltz, jamming his gun in the process!
Phil was a little out of position, but was moving to support the BrisFit 
My Black tailed Pfaltz took advantage of the jam and peppered the Brisfit.
(Good job the solo planes don't count jams and most special damage though!)
 (Overview at this point)
 I did another sharp turn to catch the Snipe which was chasing the grey Pfaltz.
 I caused serious damage, my black tail Pfaltz got hit by the BrisFit's front gun.
 The grey Pfaltz, having 'Immelmanned' to re-engage now hit the Spad, I was lucky not to be hit by the BrisFit.
 After checking, it seemed my last shooting had sent the Snipe down in flames!
 Alex got a Celestial transfer--to the German Air Service!
He would take over the undamaged black tail Pfaltz.
 As the grey Pfaltz, and my Fokker tried to focus on the Brisfit, it managed to cause us both significant damage, curse it!
 Alex was getting the feel of his new German scout!
Avoiding the Spad, I pursued the Brisfit, and damaged its rudder.
 The Spad said 'Hello' to Alex!
 Alex nearly rammed the Brisfit, but this kept the Spad from firing again!
 Thinking I was going to get hit by the Spad and the Brisfit, I had Immelmanned out of position, the Spad was running rings round the 2 Pfaltzes in my absence!
 The Brisfit was taking a long detour, unjamming his guns?
We were getting away from the action! 
 Alex was being chased by the Spad.
 But help was coming, for both sides!
 The BrisFit failed to hit Alex.
 As did his rear gunner!
I misjudged the actions of the Spad again! I Immelmanned in front of him and got hit! 
 Phil Immelmanned too though, to rejoin the Brisfit, which left me in an advantageous position behind him.
 I got a great hit!...
 ..but he Immelmanned and did the same to me!
 The Spad and I passed and Immelmanned again, which left the Spad facing 3 opponents!
 Phil dived past the grey Pfaltz though, and escaped.
 The Germans now rounded on the BrisFit - though I got a little damage from the rear gunner, I only had 3 points left on my plane!
 I managed to turn on his tail and hit him for no further damage from his rear gunner. The Grey Pfaltz was lucky, the BrisFit's forward gun jammed!
 Alex now managed to block my shot! Fortunately, the rear gunner seemed to have been put off by his attack, and missed me again!
 As Alex cleared the area, I got another hit on the BrisFit, while his rear gunner jammed again! 
 I could not kill him though! try as I might! And that Spad was coming to clear the BrisFit's tail!
 My next shot, fired at a few yards was better!
 The Grey Pfaltz had a new pilot!
 The Spad arrived as I turned out of his line of attack, and Alex took the attack!
 The grey Pfaltz now got on the tail of the brave Spad!
 Phil Immelmanned again and damaged the grey Pfaltz, but with my Fokker's help, the Spad was destroyed.
 Sorry Phil, no more German scouts going!
 ...but then again, no Allies either, so we flew back home for a Schnapps! 

The second game

Having time, we played against the solo system, it had 4 Albatross DVa's
Phil had an SE5a, Alex, his Snipe, while Rod and I used Sopwith Camels.
 Oddly, as I moved to join Rod, he turned his Camel away from the advancing Germans!!? - this left me alone against 3 of them!
I got trashed! 
Rod now returned and hit an Albatross. 
I rejoined the battle with an Immelmann, and shared heavy damage with that same Albatross!
The Snipe now tried to join in! 
My Camel now went nose to nose with an Albatross and shared damage!- unfortunately, I was now down to 1 point, and flew home while I could!
The plucky Snipe now Immelmanned to fight the blue Albatross... 
For a little damage on his Snipe...
 ...the previously undamaged Albatross fell to Earth in flames! 
 The Snipe was having a field day, and got on the tail of another Albatross...
...though his shooting was.... 
...frankly awful! 
 The Albatross weaved to escape.
 One of the other Albatrosses was fencing with the SE5.
As the Snipe tried to chase his Albatross, another got on his tail and started a fire. 
Rod managed to get a shot at an Albatross, supporting the SE. 
 It was the Snipe, though...
 ...That won the battle for us, a lucky hit downing that Albatross he had been stalking!
We had a couple of good games today!


  1. Today was a fun day indeed! I decided to just charge in and see how your solo system would react... Very well! They just kept out-flanking me and it was just a swarm; I learned my lesson.. Never attack a formation head-on as their main target.. Use another player as the bait :P

    As always; great commentary & satisfying smoke/explosions! Happy gaming Richard!

    1. Thanks Alex!It is indeed sometimes easy to see how the solo system will play. It does work staying behind the front line while the enemy attack another plane, then moving yourself into a position of advantage. This can end up being counter productive though, as other players can bait solo planes onto your plane deliberately!!

  2. More biplane goodness! Excellent...looks like good time was had again.
    Our group are doing WoG for a second 'sortie' on our next meeting after our initial games last time so we can get to the more advanced rules.
    I'm definitely going to give your solo rules a run thanks for making them available!
    Funnily even though WoG is fun I still think I prefer Blue Max.

    1. Thanks again for the kind comments! I am glad there are multiple rules choices for playing games, as it would be strange indeed if we all liked the same rules!!!
      I have heard good things about Blue Max, enjoy!