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Saturday, 7 May 2016

Hunting a Roland

Today, we had a game of Wings of Glory WW1 at the club, We had a new player at the club, Alex, so I gave him a training session in how to play including 2 1:1 games against the solo system - he won the first game using a Fokker DVII against a camel, as the Camel flew off table! - he came a cropper against a Bristol fighter in the next game though! - Learning curve!

So, thoroughly conversant with the game mechanics(!??) Alex joined Lawrence, Ian and Phil playing in a multi aircraft battle against some Germans (I ran the solo system for them, as I am still a bit 'out of it' after my recent bereavement)

So, on with the game....

The Germans, 4 Albatross DVa's escorting a reconnaissance Roland, the Allies would be tasked with destroying the Roland and its valuable photographs.
 Ian had an SE5a and started to the rear of the German formation.
Lawrence used a Sopwith Snipe. 
Phil had another SE.... 
...With a replacement plastic propeller--very nice! 
 Alex had another SE5a, and started level with the Germans on their right flank. Unusually, the Allies did not start close together, but spread out.
 As Alex got close, the German formation broke up.
Ian was still well behind the Germans, so the other players would have steeper odds to face at the start of the battle. 
Alex and Phil bypassed the 2 Albatrosses which had peeled off to intercept them, and headed for the Roland. 
 Ian was still catching up...
The 2 Albatrosses escorting the Roland, peeled off to intercept Alex, and got the best of the opening exchange. 
 The Roland's rear gunner fired as well...rather less effectively!
Ian was getting....closer! 
 The 2 SE's tried to close on the Roland, but the rear gunner damaged Phil's engine, as it escaped.
 Phil tried to turn after the Roland, but was constantly under fire.
 (An overview at this point)
 Phil managed to engage an Albatross trying to clear the Roland's tail.
The battle was getting rather spread out at this point!
 Lawrence now joined the battle, but was fended off by the Roland's rear gunner.
 The isolated Albatross got badly shot up as it tried to rejoin the Roland.
 ...but help was coming from 2 more Albatrosses.
 Lawrence was still trying to get a bead on the elusive Roland, but got shot at instead!
The Allies tried to focus on downing the Roland- Phil stayed loose to draw off some of the escorting Albatrosses. 
 Lawrence finally got the Roland in its 'blind spot'.
 Ian, having reached the battle got a bad hit from the blue Albatross.
The Roland failed to hit the SE as it flew by, but Ian turned and hit an Albatross. 
 Alex tried to follow the Roland, and was lucky to avoid damage!
 Phil had lost contact with the main battle, and was being chased by an Albatross. 
Phil managed to fool the pursuing Albatross and slipped by it.
The Roland missed again!
 ...and kept missing! 
 3 Allied scouts had now managed to isolate the Roland from its escorts.
 The Roland rear gunner managed to hit Lawrence's Snipe badly. 
Alex and Ian tried to help Lawrence, as the Roland caused more damage on him. Alex caused minor damage...
 Ian rather more!
 Alex managed to stay behind the weaving Roland, but suffered more damage than he inflicted!
 Back on the table edge, the Albatross was still stalking Phil's SE.
 Unfortunately, the SE is a fast plane...
...and now clear of his pursuer, headed back to the fight with the Roland...
...followed by the Albatross!
The Roland and the Albatrosses were now wheeling with the Allies, trying to get a good shot. 
 The Roland was hitting Alex hard, but Lawrence's battered Snipe was unable to hit an Albatross escorting the Roland.
The Roland now hit the Snipe again. 
 Lawrence excanged shots with the Roland, while the escorting Albatross got hit by Phil's returning SE.
 The pursuing Albatross was close, but unable to help.
 As the Roland's rear gunner put Lawrence within 1 pt of crashing, Phil's SE got a lucky hit on the 2 seater...
 ...which exploded and fell to earth!
Victory for the Allies, Hurrah!

We did continue the game after this point, just for fun, and an Albatross was shot down before the critically damaged Allies broke off to preserve their aircraft.

All in all, it was a fun game!


  1. Lovely stuff! Thanks for posting such a comprehensive AAR.
    Funnily enough our group are playing Wings of Glory this Monday night!

    1. Thanks Captain! I am sure you will have as much fun on Monday as we had!
      Oddly, we tend to play WofG when we can't think of anything we would rather play, but when I play I wonder why we dont play more often!!!

  2. Lovely - forgotten how much fun WW1 aerial combat games can be. How do these rules handle vertical elevation? We used to use 1/72nd aircraft mounted on stands with six foot pole to show 'height' and played in a school hall or outside in a carpark.

    1. Hi there, there are climb and dive rules, and the stems of the models are from 1-4 sections high. Most player I know do not use the height rules as it adds only complexity rather than fun to the game!