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Saturday 2 April 2016

TeesCon 2016

Today, all on my lonesome, I went to Middlesbrough for the second Teesside Convention, sponsored again by Waugh Games.

I managed to get some of the mountain of things I wanted to get, and got a few pictures! I am sorry for the poor quality but this is due to the dreaded sports hall yellow light! Some pictures are so bad I trashed them!
If I missed anyone's game or trade stand, again, my apologies!

The friendly reception staff!

The games (sadly, few had any signs explaining who they were or what the games were!)

 A Wild West game using 'Dead Man's Hand' rules.

 A Sci-fi space game
A Zombie game using Z war 1: Damnation 
 The guys at the 'Fat Chance Games' stand, promoting their new Highwayman game.
 Redcar Ironbeards doing a desert WW2 game using 'Rapid fire'
These were nice gaming tables, but no-one seemed to be there when I passed! 
I particularly liked this winter look.

The Traders:

Cozzmic Cakes! - I got a pack of their cakes to take for my friends at the club! Very nice!
 As usual, one of the staff had a game going where you had to hit a target with a WH40k Titan to win a cake!

Asylum had a nice little stand.
Galloping Major were there... 
 I got some French militia to join my Hurons! - Nice figures!
 Not only figures...
 ...Fancy a replica gun?
The Bring and Buy. 
 Dave's Wargaming..
... A nice selection of X-Wing and Armada, amogst other things.
 Warlord had a large stand!
...mind you... 
...they have a large stock! 
Ainsty and 4Ground! 
 I spent most of my money on an Anglo Saxon village!

Victorian Toy Soldiers had some lovely classic models on display. 
Leven Miniatures had nice stuff, as always!

 Worley books

Lesley's Bits box 
 Dave Lanchester books...
...I could have spent longer looking here through all those Ospreys! 
A new terrain seller, to me at least... 
Emperor Toad's Emporium! 
 PE2 Collectables
 Waugh games, the sponsors of the show!
 And finally, fancy a cuppa?

So, that was the show! - smaller than most of the other shows I go to, but I managed to spend my day profitably!
I missed 'Old Glory' 'Last Valley' 'Dave Thomas' and others, but I can catch up with them later in the year.

I felt that, sadly, the attendance was small, I actually had room to look around fairly easily!

Thanks to Waugh games for putting the show on, I will be back next year, I hope!


  1. Interesting report. One slightly negative comment. I kept getting confused as to whether the captions referred to the photo above or below. Maybe a bigger gap after the caption would be clearer?

    Anyway, thanks for your report - interesting to read about shows I'm never going to go to....:-)

    1. Sorry it was confusing, I always put captions ahead of the picture. I am not sure if a spacing change would make it clearer, or just longer! - I may have a play around in future though! - thanks for your comment.

  2. Nice pictures, never got round to that show when I was in the UK, Waugh Games soon to release 15mm modern too!

    1. Thanks Francis, its a new-ish show in its second year, there are plenty more with more traders and games if your time is limited, even just in the North East of England!

  3. The "Toy Soldiers" were being sold by Victorian Toy Soldiers not Leven Miniatures. The unknown trader was Waugh Games itself. I had a good day promoting our show - Muster on the Parade Ground 2016 on 9th July 2016 in Stockton on Tees - and had time to play a Bolt Action game. I also bought some cakes and will be buying some more at Muster on the Parade Ground 2016, they are really yummy!

    1. Thanks Dave, I have corrected the captions!
      Yes, the cakes are really nice, albeit I ended up with icing on my chin!

  4. I appear on you picture of the Redcar Ironbeards game - both cheeks are visible on the right hand side!

    1. Everyone is entitled to their 5 minutes of fame!