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Saturday 21 December 2013

Wings over Flanders

Today, we wanted a simple game to relax with before the Christmas club break. Wings of Glory WW1 seemed to fit the bill, so we did another campaign game to try and progress our characters.

Lawrence took a Sopwith camel, Phil, Ian and I took SE5a's. The DH4 and the Germans were run by my solo rules.

Our mission was to escort and protect a DH4 from a German attack. 
The German force was 3 Albatross DVa's and 3 Fokker triplanes. 
 The Germans approached in line abreast
..we scattered to try to get round the boche.
Lawrence's Camel went nose to nose with an Albatross.
The Albatross fired ineffectively but the Camel immediately got the first kill of the day! 
Exit 1 Albatross, the numbers were even now! 
Ian escorted the DH4 round the side of the Germans.
2 Albatrosses turned to meet me as I turned into their formation and got the best of the exchange! 
Phil turned to face a Triplane but neither hit! 
(an overview at this point) 
Phil ended up on top of the triplane as they passed. 
I flew past the Albatrosses that were ganging up on me. 
Lawrence, Ian and the DH4 managed to isolate a triplane. 
We all then tried to circle onto our opponents tails. 
That green Fokker managed to get a bead on the DH4 , but Lawrence managed to get a good hit on it.
 Lawrence moved onto the red Fokker and again had all the luck! 
 Ian had circled and also had a great shot at an Albatross.
(an overview at this point) 
Despite the escorts best efforts, the red Fokker attacked the DH4, which defended itself well. 
Another Fokker joined in the attack on the DH, but the rear gunner destroyed the red Fokker. 
Things were looking good now for the Allies! 
I tried to get a bead on the sky blue Fokker, but an Albatross got on my tail. 
The rest of the Germans were pretty dispersed, but turned to re-engage. 
 Phil and Ian turned to engage one of the remaining Albatrosses..
The DH got a shot at a Fokker too! 
..and then from the rear gunner! 
Phil and Lawrence both combined against the blue Fokker, and both jammed their guns! 
 The DH was still defending itself against repeated attacks by the Germans.
The Germans were still full of fight! 
Ian managed to hit the red hulled Albatross. 
I unfortunately got caught between 3 German planes, but managed to down the green Fokker. 
The DH, with heavy damage tried to keep out of trouble.. 
Ian managed to finish off the red hulled Albatross. 
 ..but the last Albatross slipped past and destroyed the DH before the Germans broke off for home.
A German victory, but at a very high cost!

More importantly, a great game enjoyed by all!!!

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  1. Looks like great fun. We've been focusing on X-Wing, but it might be time for our group to trot out the biplanes again.