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Sunday 8 December 2013

Ikko-Ikki storm!

Today we did a Samurai skirmish at Jordan's request!
As we had 5  players we had rather  large game....

The scenario involved a small Tokugawa force falling back from a pursuing Ikko-Ikki band. The Tokugawa send a messenger to a village ahead to gather the local Samurai to help stop the Ikko-Ikki...

(This game was played against the solo rules in my Samurai Skirmish rules, No-Dachi )

The Ikko-Ikki pursuing the retreating Tokugawa force. 
 The Tokugawa force
Lawrence had his force covering a stream crossing. 
 A lot of villagers came out to watch!
Phil, in charge of the hastily gathered Samurai, covered the main bridge into the village. 
 My force covered the left.
An overview of the battlefield. 
The Tokugawa reached the bridge. 
Phil put some arquebusiers over the stream to cover their arrival. 
 The Tokugawa cavalry crossed at Lawrence's position.
 A band of Ikko-Ikki approached my position, trying to outflank the village.
A group of Warrior monks armed with the terrible Naginata arrived, supported by some archers.
 To their left, the Monks command group advanced through a wood.
Some arquebusiers supported a large group of peasants on their left. 
The rest of the Tokugawa entered the village safely. 
 The cavalry moved round the flank to the village, having warned Lawrence of the enemies approach.
The Tokugawa commander instructed his men to defend the bridge. 
 Lawrence also put his missile troops forward. They fired a long ranged volley. 
One of the Ikko-Ikki peasants fell to an arrow. 
 My men hid as the enemy approached my position.
 The heavier enemy troops soon fell behind the lightly armed peasants.
 The Monk commander exhorted his men forward! 
 My archers took aim, and loosed their arrows...
 ..one of the missiles found a target!
Back at the bridge, Phil's arquebusiers began shooting too. 
A monk was slightly wounded by a ball. 
Lawrence's men fired till the last possible moment... 
 ...then fell back.
In the village, the final defensive deployment was made. 
 I decided to bring my Samurai and Naginata-men to support my archers. 
 Another volley flew..
 2 more hits!
 One of Lawrence's archers was caught and killed by the pursuing peasants.
 Lawrence counter attacked and a bloody encounter ensued.
 My archers were still whittling down the enemy.
 Lawrence had to spread his force thinly as the Ikko-Ikki tried to outflank him.
 The peasants, though brave, began to lose to Lawrence's spearmen.
The peasants began to give ground.
The Ashigaru pursued the peasants and routed them.
As the enemy approached my position, I sent my hidden Samurai and Ashigaru to stop them.
 The battle was short....
..and decisive!  The last 3 Ikko-Ikki fled! 
At the road fork, the warrior monks headed for the bridge while their arquebusiers went left.
The monks arquebusiers reached the stream and began firing. 
 As more heavily equipped peasants and monks reached Lawrence, Ian's Tokugawa committed their Samurai to stop them. 
The Warrior monks reached and stormed the bridge. 
 The Samurai at the bridge held, and got support from Phil's arquebusiers.
 On Lawrence's wing the Ikko-Ikki left wing had collapsed, and the victorious Samurai attacked the enemy arquebusiers before they could support the attack on the bridge.
The arquebusiers fought fanatically, and 2 Samurai died in the first attack. 
The bridge battle was very fierce! 
 The Ikko-Ikki archers surprised and injured Phil's arquebusiers.
 ..but they bravely continued to support the bridge battle.
2 of the monks died in the hail of bullets!
 As the monk archers prepared to wipe Phil's men out, my Samurai and Ashigaru attacked them in the rear, having outflanked them.
My men were very successful and began killing the monks.
 When my spearmen arrived, the enemy were massacred.
The Ikko-Ikki at Lawrence's crossing were being cut down too.
They soon began to break.
 At the bridge, though, the Sohei monks began cutting their way off the bridge 
 However,by this time, the Ikko Ikki were completely surrounded, and decided to fall back! 
 We had won! - our losses were minimal, barring a few Samurai.
Amazingly, none of my force even got wounded! - the first time ever in a Samurai skirmish!!!

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